Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Random Amazing Photos

Hola amigos!~ [Yes, I speak Spanish. Fluent. Random Fact.]

I wanted to share with you all some random pictures from my life. There are of a couple places I have been this past year. I found these pictures on my brother's phone, and I stole them from him and I just wanted to show them. They are random, but awesome pictures~

Guess where this is? I am sure you will see from the next picture...

Well? It is the Golden Gate bridge as seen from below! These pictures where taken while fishing in the Bay. Can you see how long the bridge is?!

This one is my favorite picture. It is so beautiful! You can really see the red/orange color of the bridge. I looks like a very eerie picture. I love it!

From the other side of the bridge...

Its kind of hard to see, but that little island right there is Alcatraz. And also a seagull preparing to strike ;)

Next we go to San Diego! 

This was a shop that had a bunch of cool things. And the most amazing thing was that they has this mammoth tusk! It is huge. But look carefully, and you can see that the tusk has been carved! This was on sale for about a couple hundred thousand dollars. Actually I dont remember how much it was exactly, but it was a lot. But it is stunning! Carved ivory right there!

Close up of the carvings. It is ALL carved out.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some random photos~



  1. Ooh, that carving is so intricate. Nice pictures :D

    Yeah, I got it from Hong Kong airport :) The info on the product is written in Japanese.


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