Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Swatches: Wet N' Wild 'Comfort Zone' Palette

Wet N' Wild has really impressed me lately. Their new palettes are freaking amazing! They are cheap, super pigmented, and silky smooth. So many people have been raving about these, and I concur. These are definitely not "over-hyped," they deserve every bit of the hype.

Amazing, right?

So, you get 8 shades for $5. Great deal! Wait until you see the swatches! To make this simpler, I will swatch the left side and the right side separately.

Left side
I hope you can see the swatches. They are very pigmented. The last color, the dark brown color, is somewhat similar to NARS Meekong, although its not an exact dupe.

The right side...
Right side of the palette
My favorite color is the one on the bottom. I have been really into the brown/blue duochrome lately.
See how the last swatch changes color?
Hopefully you can see that the colors are pretty pigmented.
These are swatched without a primer or anything of the sort. And these are one only swipe!

I really love this palette, so much so, I got a backup. They are hard to find, since everyone is trying to get their hands on them. Good luck to any of you who are trying to get these palettes!

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  1. Hi Yami,

    These are beautiful shades!!! :D I haven't gotten to the drugstore to get my Wet N Wild fix yet :p Hehe

    Oh I also noticed from your profile that you're a Lit major at Davis? How awesome! I was a Lit major as well, but at UCSC. :)

  2. The definer shade on the right side of the palette is so interesting.. Its like 2-toned!


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