Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review: Wet N' Wild 'Blue Had Me At Hello' Palette

Hello Reader!
The last of the Wet N Wild palettes is 'Blue Had Me an Hello' and it consists of blues, silvers, and blacks. Although I do not wear blue eye shadows that often, I do like this palette.
Bad picture! Oh well. The last color is just a matte black
The 2nd from the left is a really pigmented silver.

The 3rd swatch from the left is a really nice black with blue shimmer. It reminds me a lot of NARS 'Night Rider' eye shadow.
The right side of the palette. again, sorry for the crappy picture.
The first two colors from the left I really like. The first is a really light blue, and the second a bright turquoise blue. They are both really pigmented. The 3rd one is a nice navy blue and the last is a black with silver glitter. The silver glitter is very subtle though.

This is a good basic palette for blues and blacks. Its a great quality product, especially for $5. I hope this helps :)



  1. They look soo amazing. Wish we could score Wet N' Wild in Australia!

  2. These swatches are gorgeous! So many looks can be made from this one palette~

  3. Your swatches have had me needing to get these!!

  4. I agree with Angela~! I wish we could get WetnWild here :(
    The colours are really vibrant, I likey! ;)

  5. Great swatches! Looks super pigmented!

  6. I think they are an Australian brand, so yeah, that's proabably why you havent seen them hehehe :)

    Yeah, I think the colours are quite cute! :)


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