Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review: Guerlain G Rouge Lipstick 'Gemma'

Guerlain lipsticks are among the most flashy lipsticks I have ever seen. I was curious about them so I decided to purchase one. I have had this for a couple of months, but I use it sparingly.

$46. Expensive :/

The packaging is very heavy, and reflective. It comes with a mirror on the inside, and the design is a little complicated. Not your average lipstick tube, that is for sure.

The lipstick is smooth and the color pay off is great. The only problems I have with the formula is that it tends to shift around easily. Because of that, it is easy for it to bleed outside the lip line. It reminds me a lot of the YSL rouge volupte, but slightly better; it doesn't move around as much as the YSL.
'Gemma' is a mauve-rose with golden shimmer. The dimension of color is much better than most lipsticks. The golden sheen makes it much more unique of a color. The gold is also very subtle so it is still very wearable.
This lasts on my lips for about 3 hours.



Although I like this lipstick, I do not think I will be purchasing any more. They are expensive, and honestly I have bought lipsticks that are better formulated for much cheaper.
I think these lipstick are mostly about the packaging.

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  1. great color but true this brand is very expensive

  2. Oh my, that is expensive!! The packing is cool though...reminds me of a huge bullet. :P

  3. Woah, $46?! It cost more than Chanel lipsticks! :P But what a nice color though!

  4. really pretty but the lasting power is not that great hmmm... :/ the packaging is really pretty though!


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