Friday, March 25, 2011

I Love ラーメン!!

Ramen. When you heard this word, images of instant soup and poor college students swarm your brain. As a college student myself, I know that many of my classmates survive on cheap ramen bowls and cups. I personally adore ramen bowls, not so much the cups ones though.

Being a lover of Japanese food, I guess it is not a big surprise for me to love ramen. But I always wanted really ramen. I craved and dreamed about the day it would be consumed by me. And lucky for me, there is this great ramen shop in Sacramento, CA, which is about a 15 minute drive from my house. Even more lucky for me that my brother and his friend also love ramen.  This small place is called しゅうき[Shouki], and it is the tiniest restaurant ever. It is so cute, it looks like a house. It is so small, but it gets a lt of customers, so recently they opened a new location in Sacramento. I have waited an hour for a bowl of this ramen. It is the closest thing you will get to ramen from Japan.

They serve many types of ramen, as well as Curry Ramen [which is delicious]. They also serve sushi, and they have vegetarian and vegan ramen as well. If you guys live around the Sacramento area, seriously, go to this place! The price for a bowl varies from $6-$11, depending on how big you want the bowl, and if you want extras.  Here are some pictures of different times I have gone:
 This is the Shoyu Ramen, a soy based ramen with pork and extra green onions.
It also has a Naruto [the pink swirly thing].
 You can see the difference in size. The one on the left is a small, and the one one the right is a large, They are both Shoyu.
 The one in the front is a large Soy milk based ramen. That might sound odd, but it is really good. It does not taste like soy milk at all. It has pork, and wheat noddles [You can choose between regular or wheat noddles].
The one next to that is mine. It is a regular Tan Tan Men, which is a soy based ramen that is spicy. I love this one. It is delicious. Then the one next to mine is my friend's. He also had a Tan Tan Men.

This one is a Shio. It is a sea salt based ramen and it has sesame seeds. This one has a very light and almost sea food taste. Very yummy. Then my brother got a Japanese dark beer. It has a very strong taste.
I really recommend this place. I go here at least once every one or two weeks. I love it <3
I will continue to take pictures every time I go.
I hope you enjoyed the delicious ramen ^_^



  1. Oh my, my tummy's definitely growling.

    I LOVE RAMEN TOO! It's favorite Japanese food to eat. Simple, and so oishii~ :D Which reminds me, it's been super cold here in LA and I still haven't had a hot bowl ofラメン. hmph. Eat extra for me next time. ;]

  2. I haven't tried out the liner but I will def do a review as soon as I've tried it out a couple of times :)

  3. i absolutely love ramen! i also like naruto LOL! x)

  4. When I think of ramen: Naruto (manga serie) haha

    I love noodles, ramen anything!
    I prefer fresh soups from a restaurant tho then instant ones but oh well.
    The ramen you had looks verry nice!
    Too bad we don't have an authentic ramen restaurant the place where I'm from (Holland)



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