Friday, March 11, 2011

Overview: Tokidoki Robbery Palette

 Before anything, I want to take a moment to send my prayers to all those affected by yesterday's earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It was a very shocking event, and I hope that other people will not be affected by any more tsunamis. We are currently on a tsunami alert here is the west coast, and I am praying that nothing will occur here. May God help everyone, especially those who have lost their lives. 

Leaving the sadness behind...

Hi!! What a wonderful Friday it is [Would have been better if the earthquake had not occurred...]! I have no school today, so I will take this opportunity to do this review.
I got this palette from Sephora for about $36 [not too sure how much it was. It was on sale and I have a 10% discount] and it is still available at Sephora. I know that QVC also has the palette for $10 less than Sephora.

This is only a view of the palette as a whole, and I will do a separate post for the actual palettes and for the swatches.  If I did it all together, the post will be super long. I will add links to the other posts.

The tin comes with a magnet. It is so pretty!
If you open the tine, you find a small mirror, and three separate palettes inside.
These are the individual palettes.
If you remove the palettes, you will see that the bottom of the tin has pictures as well.

Each palette contains four eyeshadows and a blush/highlight/contour.
Here are all three palettes...
The pictures on top of the palette match the pictures on the tin.

Overall, I think this palette is great. You get a wonderful deal for 12 eyeshadows and 3 blushes. The packaging is cute and convenient, because you can take one palette with you instead of having to take the whole entire tin. As I will mention in the other posts, I find that the colors are great, but the palettes, for me, do not function independently. They do not contain matte shadows for one. Most palettes will have a highlighting shade, a crease color, and a darker color for the outer 'V.' I feel that these palettes serve more for using one or two colors in the palette in conjunction with other palettes, or separate eyeshadows. This is not a huge problem for me, but some other people might find it to be an inconvenience, especially people who travel.

Here is a link to swatches and a detailed review on each separate palette within the Robbery Palette:


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