Saturday, March 5, 2011

Haul and First Thoughts: Lime Crime

Lipstick she is wearing: Airborne Unicorn

Greetings fellow makeup lovers~ I bring you an overdue haul from Lime Crime. I actually bought this during the Valentine's Day sale, so I have had it for a while now, but I wanted to share it with you all anyways.
I know there is a lot of negative comments concerning Lime Crime cosmetics, but I do not like to judge companies by other people's opinions, unless I myself have had a bad experience with them.
I also know many people do not want to purchase Lime Crime because it is expensive, and many people think you can buy something similar for a lower price.
I agree that the cosmetics are pricey, and although there are other dupes for the colors, I had an overall positive experience with Lime Crime.
*Remember, these are all my honest thoughts, I was not paid or compensated for any of this. I purchased the products with my own, hard-earned money.

Shipping and Delivery

Firstly, lets talk about shipping and delivery. Everything came in a cute, turquoise box. I received my order within 4 days of ordering it. That is a pretty good shipping time. The price for shipping was free :)

 Here is the box. I took the tape off, so the box looks a little ripped off.
 The inside with all the goodies. It came wrapped in tissue paper, but I took it off so you could see the products. 

Some people will love the packaging, others will hate it. It comes in a pink box with a holographic unicorn on it. I am sure you can see from the pictures.

 Here is everything. 1 lipstick and 7 magic eye dusts. I love the packaging, even if it looks very childish.
 Here is the lipstick in the color "Airborne Unicorn"

 This is how it looks in the tube.
 It is a very purple pink color. Similar to MAC Lavender Whip. [I will do a comparison separately]
 Quick swatch of the color on my hand.
My first impression:
I heard a lot of bad things about the LM lipsticks, but I really love this one. I cannot speak too much for the lipsticks, since I only own this one, but I really like it. I believe they have been reformulated, though so maybe that is why the formula is better.
 Magic Eye Dust. Again, I like the packaging. It is really cute.

 Cupcake Thief. My second favorite from the bunch. The Lime Crime site's description:
"If you look closely, you can tell a Cupcake Thief apart from other people. They have a satisfied look on their face, some leftover icing on their fingers, and sometimes even sprinkles in their hair. Some have a greedy look on their face, and are convinced they’ll die if they don’t eat a cupcake now."
I love the description.
 Here is what it looks like. It looks very matte and blah in the container, but when you apply it, is leaves a shimmery, iridescent pink color. Its nice as an overall lid color, or a as a highlight.
 First row(L to R): Dragon Scales, Medusa, Twilight
 Second Row (L to R): Siren, Nymph, Empress
First Row:  Dragon Scales, Medusa, Twilight
 Dragon Scales: A reddish brown with a blue duo chrome. My favorite one!It leans toward the red side more than brown, and the blue duo chrome is a little more turquoise than actual blue.
 Medusa: very blackened, dark green with green shimmer. Although it is pretty, I thought it was going to be more green. Instead it is very black. Kind of disappointed, but it is pretty.
 Twilight: Light, dusty lavender with pink and purple shimmer. I love the color of this, I just wish it was a little more pigmented and that the shimmer was slightly more obvious. I love the name "Twilight" for this, but then it reminds me of the Twilight series, which I personally do not all.
 Second Row: Siren, Nymph, Empress
 Siren: Vibrant red, with red shimmer and a slight gold sheen. This shade is very metallic looking. Which makes it look even more amazing. This one also looks better if you apply it foiled [applied wet]. It is hard to find true reds, and this is a true, metallic red. One thing though, depending on your skin tone, it might give off a slight coppery undertone. On me it does not, but on my fried is coppery.
 Nymph: Looks white in the container, but when applied it is a white gold color. I  think this is such a beautiful color, especially for highlighting. But, there are many colors out there that are really similar. I don't own any, but I have seen some.
 Empress: A bright purple with pink and purple shimmer. I thought this was going to be my favorite, but it was the most disappointing of all. The color is beautiful, but it was not opaque and it went on like a hazy, grayed purple. Once applied, it lost the pretty shimmer, too. I do not know if I got a bad batch, or if it I'm not applying it right, but it did not work for me at all.
Empress, again.
Overall, there were some great finds. 'Airborne Unicorn' is a definite keeper, as well as Dragon Scales and Cupcake Thief. The other ones, with the exception of Medusa and Empress, I also liked a lot, but I would probably not repurchase. I don't think I would run out of them anytime soon, though. If I did repurchase, I would wait for a sale to buy them :D

Price and Amount
Lipsticks: retail $16 for 3.2g of product
Pigments: retail $14 for 2g of product
For the price, you do not get much product for the Magic Eye Dusts. 

I cannot say anything bad about Lime Crime. I found things I liked and things I disliked. But that can be said about just any company. I think that if you want to buy from Lime Crime, you can, and if you don't want to, then don't. It all comes down to your personal opinion. I have heard a lot of negative rumors, but that is all that they are: rumors. Like I said before, I cannot by my own first hand experience say anything bad about Lime Crime. I mentioned that I disliked two of their pigments, but that is only my opinion and not a solid fact. I can say that I dislike some MAC products, but that does not mean that MAC does not have great products, because they do have many amazing cosmetics. I am by no means promoting Lime Crime or telling you to buy them. I am merely showing you what I have purchased and giving you some information on these products.One reason why I show Lime Crime very often is not because if the actual products, but because I love one thing about Lime Crime: that they promote bright and very bold makeup. I love the tutorials on the Lime Crime website too.

I hope you guys found this helpful and thanks for reading <3


  1. Ooh, nice haul. I'm loving the lippie shade and I actually like the packaging!

  2. I like the packaging! Great haul. =) Will be looking forward to your comparison. ;)

  3. I would like to try because this company often gets mixed reviews. getting stuff online has been a pain because customs charge crazy taxes. :(
    anyway, i hope this works well for you! ^-^

  4. Nice haul! I always wanted to try Lime Crime products out since I've been a fan of Xenia's for years!
    Sweet post! :)

  5. I saw an ad on the side of your blog for this brand and immediately clicked on it (the model in the ad was wearing bright orange lipstick) and I'm super intrigued by all the gorgeous eye shadows!! MUST BUY.


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