Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nude Lipstick Collection

I personally have a huge obsession for purple lipsticks, but the average woman tends to go for a more natural lip color. Nude lipstick is a preferred choice by many women for a simple and natural look. I am not the hugest fan of nude lipstick but I still have way too many nude lipsticks. Why? Because I have tried to look for my perfect nude lip color, and the best way to find the perfect color is to try out many different colors. The perfect nude should be a staple in a makeup junkie's lipstick collection so of course I have to go on a crazy journey to find my HG nude lipstick. I will share with you my collection and this might  help you to pick the right nude color for yourself.

From Right to Left:
-Wet n Wild 900B 'Pink Sugar'
-Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick 070 'Nude'
-Revlon Matte 001 'Nude Attitude'
-Jemma Kidd Lipstick 002 'English Rose'
-MAC 'Peachstock' (PRO color)
-MAC 'Blankety'
-MAC 'Hue'
-Lime Crime 'Coquette'
-Tom Ford 'Blush Nude'


1. Jemma Kidd English Rose
2.Lime Crime Coquette
3.MAC Hue
4. Tom Ford Blush Nude

I am rather light skinned with a mostly neutral undertone (slightly leaning towards the yellow side). Nude lipsticks are difficult for me, so my favorites are either light peachy nudes or pink based nudes. Jemma Kid's English Rose and Lime Crime Coquette are very similar on my lips and I like them because they are not too beige or pale. Coquette seems to be very peachy but it actually shows up nicely on my skin tone. English Rose has a nice pink undertone that does not wash out me out. MAC Hue is more pink, but still nude enough for me to consider it a nude. Hue is the easiest nude to pull off because it is sheer and has enough pink to bring some color to the face while still giving a subtle nude color to the lips.
Tom Ford Blush nude is actually super similar to Coquette, but the formulas are a little different and I prefer the formula of Coquette (although Blush Nude is much more long wearing).

Least Favorite
1.MAC Blankety
2.WnW 900B
3. MAC Peachstock

MAC Blankety is too dark and beige for my skin tone. It is a beautiful color for medium to dark skin tones but it just does not work for me. MAC Peachstock is a dark peach color and it only works for me under lip glosses. Wet n Wild 900B is too pigmented and again too much of a dark peach for my skin tone.

My best advice to choosing nude lip colors is to try some out and see what works for you. I know, not the most helpful advise, but it is honestly the best way to find what colors work best for you.
My perfect nude is Lime Crime Coquette or Jemma Kidd English Rose, since both look very similar on my lips. I will do a post right after this reviewing Coquette and showing some photos of how it looks. Hope you enjoyed this~


  1. What a great collection! Can't wait to see your post on the Coquette!

  2. I've been contemplating for ages, which nude lipstick I should get. (I'm kinda a lipstick noob haha) Thanks for your swatches and thoughts, I think I might take a look at getting hue, it seems like the perfect colour too me. ^^

  3. Wow, you have such a great collection. I would love to try the Revlon soft nude. That is such a pretty color. I'm so impressed with your collection. you have so much lipstick. Nice post and thanks for sharing.


  4. oh so many! I had two red lipsticks but now they´re gone,I don´t know where I put them ahahhaha

  5. I use to love MAC Blankety! But nude lipsticks are one of the hardest thing to get right and it differs so much from person to person. I love the look of Tom Ford Blush Nude too!

  6. they are all lovely shades

  7. This is a great collection of nudes! I'd love to have as many as you do :)


  8. pretty colors! it's so difficult to find the right nude lipstick, totally agree with you =)


  9. Amazing collection! My lips don't do well with nude colours, but some of those look really nice! Hopefully I can get something that suits me soon, hehe~


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