Wednesday, December 21, 2011

OOTD: Give Me More Lace

Hello everyone~ Christmas is just around the corner! I have been busy buying presents and making plans for Christmas day! But I thought I should post about the outfit I wore today when I went shopping. It was really sunny outside, so I wore a skirt. Turns out it was really windy and cold outside, at 38 degrees Farenheit which is cold for a sunny California day. I didn't want to take off my skirt so I just wore a warm coat~ I hope you like teh outfit :D Remember I suck at being fashionable ^_^

I don't think you can see it well, but I have this super cute Hello Kitty purse! xD
 White Coat: Marshalls
Lace Top: Forever 21
Lace Skirt: Forever 21
Belt: Bakers Shoes
Tights: Ugh...Target perhaps?
Shoes: Ross

 See in this photo below, how the top and the dress almost look like a dress. The belt also adds to the look of these two separate pieces looking like a dress ^_^
 Then I got bored and I tried on these shoes that my aunt had given me a while ago. They are so cute, but a little too tall for casual wear.

So yeah, a lot of lace! Are you seeing a pattern? I love lace! Especially black lace. My other two OOTD have also involved mostly lace. Haha. I hope you liked it anyways. Until next time!


  1. love the entire outfit, love the dress and adore these heels

  2. Love your heels and your lace stockings! :D

  3. The heels are so cute! You look pretty in that outfit! Suits you best!

  4. Your outfit is absolutely gorgeous! And yeah, i thought it was a dress you were wearing, coz they match together so perfectly! :D The pink shoes are lovely, but yeah, might seem a bit too 'over' for casual wear, lol. They would look cute with a white outfit w/o the tights tho IMO. :)

  5. Ooh, cute stuff :) Would love to have shoes and stockings like that!

  6. <333333 those shoes like whoa. And that dress, it's super freakin' cute on you!

  7. *wolf whistle* haha You look awesome!

    Really digging the stockings and both pairs of shoes!

  8. you look gorgeous Nancy <3 Love the outfits!!!

  9. I'm on love with these pink shoes !!!! SO pretty *___* !!!

    xxx Vee

  10. oh lala!! I love the outfits!! &&& the lace!!!

  11. oooo you're a fierce little minx!!! I absolutely adore your lacy tights and shoes combo, it's very girly yet punky, just how I imagine you :)))

  12. Love your outfit!!!!! And dang, I'm jelly of your long legs! haha. But yes, I love lace too. It adds a feminine touch to just about any outfit. ^^

  13. Very cute! I love mixing black and lace together. Your booties add a fun, wintery pop of color. :)

  14. I love how you added a pop of pink/red to your outfit with your shoes. Very cute look!

  15. OMG where did you get the shoes!!
    Love them, they look like the Mui Mui ones!!!
    Great outfits!!

    xoxo, maria


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