Monday, December 5, 2011

Cult Nails 'Power Thief'

Here is another color from the Cult Nails Super Powers Collection.

Power Thief is a chocolate brown (sometimes looks taupe or golden brown, depending on the lighting) with very fine multi-color shimmer and bigger silver shimmer. I will outright tell you that I am not a huge fan of the color. Brown does not compliment my skin tone. And although the color doesn't look terrible on my nails, it isn't a color that I would be excited to wear. But, I do want to mention that this is the prettiest brown nail polish I have tried. And if I would to wear a brown polish, it would be this one.

The formula was excellent. Two coats was completely opaque, it dried really fast, and I have no chips even though I have worn it for more than a week. Seriously, no chips in more than a week! That is pretty amazing.

The formula is superb, and the color is very dimensional. If it wasn't for the fact that I hate brown nail polishes, then I think I would have really loved this. The shimmer is this is really stunning, though.
You might ask yourself, "Why buy a brown nail polish if you don't like them?" Well, that is an excellent question. This came with the set of four polishes. Each polish is $10, and the set of four was $30. I was going to buy 3 of the 4, so I essentially got this one for free.

Rating: ...ugh I am not really sure what to put for this. I am not going to rate it because it would be a biased score since I am already telling you guys that I don't like the color. You can use your imagination. Give it whatever score you want :) Haha.


  1. I'd say the colour isnt pretty to me but the shimmer looks fab =)

    xxx Vee

  2. I love all the shimmers in this. It looks really multi-dimensional! I really like chocolatey-brown shades so this is right up my alley! :)

  3. very pretty!love the color! the glitters work so well with it too! :D

  4. i love this shade with all the sparkles

  5. Thanks! I'd never tried OPI before and I really like the colours :) Great post.. love your polish.. xx


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