Sunday, August 28, 2011

Deborah Lippmann 'Lady is a Tramp'

I have a love-hate relationship with Deborah Lippmann polishes. I love the colors, but sometimes I hate the formulas.

Lady is a Tramp is a classic dark red. It is a creme, but has a slight jelly-like formula. The name is rather...questionable xD

Price and Availability
$18 on the Lippmann website, Nordstrom, and where else Lippmann polishes are sold.

From all the Lippmann polishes I have used, this one is in the middle: it is not super sheer, but not super opaque either. You will need 2-3 coats of this to make it completely opaque. I really love the way it looks though. It has a super glossy, jelly formula and it looks so incredibly chic on the nails.I don't get any chipping with this polish, but I rarely get chipping on my nails either ways.

I have one coat of my Essie Ridge Filler and two coats of Lady is a Tramp
*There is some VNL because of the flash, but I assure you that in person you cannot see my nail line.

I love this color because it is a great staple color to own; it is a very classic color that won't go out of style. The finish is also really great because you don't need a top coat since the polish is already glossy. But, the formula is sheerer than I would hope for an $18 polish.

Rating: 7.5/10
Recommend? That is a tough one. I would only recommend this color because it has a jelly finish. If you like high end products, and are looking for a red jelly polish, maybe you should check this color out. But for the price, I would recommend Rescue Beauty Lounge 'Chinoise' instead.
Repurchase? No. I don't use it all that often, although I do like it. I just feel that there are better polishes out there.
 What do you think of this polish? Have you tried any other Deborah Lippmann polishes?


  1. I like this color and I love the name! I probably would not buy it, though. XD
    I love your nails! I wish I could have the patience to grow them like that.

  2. My general opinion is the opposite of yours: I tend to really love the Deorah Lippmann formula but not care for most of the colors! Just thought I'd share! xD


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