Friday, August 19, 2011

The Lipstick Compendium: David Jones 'Pink Passion' Lipstick

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David Jones is a completely new brand to me. I have never heard of it until it was sent to me by Suzanne when we did an international swap. At first, I thought the color would not look good on me at all, but I was very wrong. I absolutely love this color and this lipstick!

Pink Passion is a dark pink in the tube but on my lips it is a medium pink with coral undertones.

Price and Availability
These are only available in Australia I believe. Never seen them in the states, and I can't find any place online that sells them :(

~The packaging is very sleek, and it has a color indicator at the bottom
~It doesn't have any obvious smell
~Super pigmented
~Very moisturizing and smooth on the lips
~Applies so easily and smoothly onto the lips
~Wears very nicely, and lasts about 3-5 hours on my lips

~Not easily accessible

*one swipe

With the Australis Color Inject Gloss in Bollywood (Also sent to me by Suzanne)

I absolutely love this lipstick. It is the smoothest and most hydrating lipstick I own. This color is not something I would usually go for, so it is nice to have a slightly different color. The color also suits me better than I thought it would. Thanks to Suzanne for picking up such a great lipstick for me!

Rating: 10/10 (even though its not easily accessible, I can't give it less than a 10!)
Recommend? YES~! If you live in Australia, you must try these lipsticks!
Repurchase? Well I didn't buy this, but if I could buy it, I would do it in a heartbeat~


  1. this is such a pretty colour and it looks soooooo great on you!!

  2. so glad you liked it! I can look into finding you some more if you like... *enabler*

    OH and I just found a rundown of the available colors! Scroll down a bit here:

  3. This looks lovely. Shame it's only available in Australia!

  4. I hate this only available in ausie >.<
    this color is so pretty and hot <3 <3 my bf will happy if i use this ,puahahahah

  5. oh my GOD!!! wow girl, that makes your lips like heaven, this should be your holy grail deserted island lippie :D it's amazeballs

    Vonnie of

  6. @Socialitedreams: It totally should! I will have to wear it and take full face pics :D

  7. Wow, what a colour! Need to go and hit up DJs. lol

  8. its so pretty...looks grt on your fuller pout...

  9. I didnt know David Jones had their own brand of lipstick?! It looks soo good on you! I'm surprised by how pigmented it is!

  10. Oh wow, I live in Australia and I've never actually tried any of the David Jones branded products! I'm definitely going to now! However, I do adore Australis, and I have that same Bollywood lip gloss!

    So glad you love our Aussie products :)

  11. this is lovely and the color is beautiful :))

  12. love the last picture but i like the color of this lipstick on its own too! :)


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