Friday, August 26, 2011

Review: TATCHA Aburatorigami

Blotting sheets are used to remove excess oil from the skin, particularly when you are wearing foundation. I have used ELF blotting sheets, Everyday Minerals blotting sheets, and a couple others as well, but none have ever really worked for me.

The TATCHA Aburatorigami (I know "abura" means oil and "gami" is paper. I don't know what "tori" is though) are blotting sheets made of abaca leaf with bits of gold flakes in them. Sounds odd right? I thought so too. These blotting sheets appeal to our sense of having something that is pretty and it also works great! These are:
~100% abaca leaf
~Fragrance-free, powder-free, and oil-free
~All natural, biodegradable, and cruelty-free
~Hand-made in Japan

Price and Availability
$12 for one 30 sheet pack and you can buy them on TATCHA's website

The sheets are beautifully packaged ;) Gorgeous!


Benefits of using these sheets (according to the TATCHA website):
 ~Removes excess oil that can lead to clogged pores and breakouts
~Minimizes the need for harsh complexion treatment products such as oil control gels, chemicals, primers and powders that can coat and stress skin out
~Allows skin’s natural luminosity to shine through by eliminating the need for full face powder
~Helps to create a perfect canvas for makeup
~Helps to keep make-up looking fresh throughout the day, reducing the need for touch ups

 Below, you can see the pieces of gold flakes.

This is gross, but I will show you a used sheet. You can see all the oil that it absorbed? 
~Unrelated to the products, but the person from the company that emailed me was extremely nice, polite, and helpful. You could really tell from their email just how kind the person was!

~I love how they are packaged. It appeals to my love for Japanese products
~The sheet itself is very well made. It actually absorbs the oil, unlike many other blotting sheets
~They are all natural and hand made
~The gold flakes make this a super unique blotting sheet
~One sheet goes a long way, and it really does remove ALL the excess oil on your skin
~It does not remove my foundation, only the excess oils

~A little expensive for blotting sheets
~Can only be purchased online

From all the blotting sheets I have ever used, these are by far my favorite. I only need to use one sheet, and it thoroughly removes all the excess oils on my skin. It does not take off my foundation (which is what I hate about some blotting sheets) and I don't need to re-apply any powder after I use these. The sheets are a little expensive, but one pack has lasted me a while and I still have about half a pack left. I know that one reason I love these is because of their Japanese background and the fact that this is a Japanese product...and I am just a weirdo like that. ^_^

Rating: 9/10 
Recommend? Yes. If you have not found blotting sheets that work for you, you might want to try these out.
Repurchase? I would purchase a pack of these to have in case of emergency oil clean ups ;D

*This product was sent to me by TATCHA for review purposes, but my opinions are my own.


  1. beautiful packaging and it looks the the results are great too. i wish they weren't so expensive.

  2. aaaah I've seen something that looked like this on Daiso! I love the Maiko with her darari obi (belt) illustration on the packaging, so classic!

  3. i've seen these blotting sheets somewhere and they look and sound great! :) thanks for the review. ;)


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