Friday, August 5, 2011

Misa 'It's You!'

Misa is a fairly new nail polish brand to me. I purchased two colors a while back, but I never got the chance to swatch them. This was the more interesting of the two colors I bought, and I already wish Misa was more widely available for purchase T_T

Misa It's You! is a shimmery dark grey/dark green/purple multi chrome polish. It has a distinctive smokey quality which makes it great as a fall color!

Price and Availability
$3.75  at Head 2 Toe Beauty

The formula was...normal? Haha. I didn't find it thick, watery, or anything like that. It wasn't sheer or opaque. It was a 2-3 coat polish, so yeah fairly normal. It dried...normally? Again, it didn't dry super fast, but it didn't take ages for it to dry either.

The main color is this dark shimmery green.

The polish has a very smokey appearance.

It was very hard to capture the purple shimmer, but here is the closest I got.

The color is very cool and unique. It is smokey, fun, and interesting. The formula is  good and the bottle is simply gorgeous. A definite keeper <3

Rating: 9/10
Recommend? Siii~


  1. i like it!! its dark with a hint of elegant shimmer!

  2. Aww man, it's so pretty! LOVE multi chrome colours :D

  3. This color will look so good with smokey green make up XD , really gorgeous color! :D

  4. What a beautiful shade! Love it!

  5. gorgeous color :)
    follow your blog dear ;)

  6. this color is awesome!!! you and your darks, you just looove those demure colors and I don't blame you, they are perfect on you!!!

  7. Oh my that is a beautiful color :O
    I'm a sucker for dark shimmery greens <3

  8. first time i came across this brand too but it does look good on your nails doll! :)

  9. All nail varnishes seem to look amazing on your nails babe!

  10. girl, I can tell this is totally your kinda color. very pretty


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