Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review: Yanqina Volumizer Mascara

Hey Dolls,

I bring you another mascara review~ This time, it is the Yaquina Volumizer mascara from KKCenterhk.

Price and Availability
$19.80 at KKCenterhk

When it comes to mascara, I like the ones I can apply without any worries and that will also give me nice looking lashes. I don't usually wear false eyelashes out so I want a mascara that will give me very dark and long lashes lashes. Here is what I think of this mascara.

~It has two different options for mascara: a natural look, and a bolder look.
~Step 1 (natural mascara) gives a very subtle,  no-makeup, look. This is great for very natural and minimal makeup.
~Step 2 gives really great black and volumized lashes. Perfect for dramatic looks
~I really love the mascara wand of Step 1. It is super easy to work with
~I don't get flaking during the day

~Step 2 tends to get a lot of extra product on the brush, so I always have to wipe it off before I use it
~Step 2 tends to be very difficult to work with. I have to be extremely careful when I apply it or else I will get tons of mascara smudges on my lid (thus ruining my eye makeup)
~Step 2 always leaves some smudges when I apply it on my lower lashes.
~This is pretty pricey for a mascara (I tend to buy drugstore mascaras)

Here are some photos of me wearing this mascara:

 STEP 1~See I quite love Step 1!

STEP 2~ Notice all the mascara smudges though...except in one picture because I cleaned them up a bit.

Step 1 is really great for super natural looks. I don't get smudging or flaking with that one. I also like step 2 because it gives me dark, volumized lashes, but I hate that it leaves smudges on my lid. If I use Step 2 I have to be super careful. That being said, I will continue to use this mascara and hopefully I can solve my smudging issues.

Rating? 6.5/10 
Recommend? Hmmm, this is not my favorite mascara and honestly I would not be super excited to recommend it to people. But if you are the type of person who loves to spend a little more time making your lashes look awesome, and you don't mind the price then I would recommend it. I love the fact that it has two options for you to choose from.
Repurchase? No. I don't think this was the best mascara for me, so I would not buy it with my own money. That and the fact that I don't ever spend more than $9 on mascara ;D

Thank you all for reading~ Stay awesome!

EDIT: I have been using this mascara more, and I like it a little better than I did before. But I still would not purchase this with my money.
*This product was provided by the company for review purposes.


  1. You are seriously so talented with makeup! Your skills are awesomesauce. It's too bad it smudges- your lashes look great, though!

  2. The cream pigment looks amazing as well as the green eyeshadow. :D You're lucky your Sephora carries Illamasqua. All we have in Esco is Sephora inside JC Penney. It's evolving a bit, but still no Illamasqua. I'll have to get it online. Hehe...

    I have to admit. I like the packaging of this Volumizer Mascara. Sorry to hear Step 2 didn't work out for you. This kinda reminds me of the Rimmel mascara that has 2 steps as well. Haven't tried it though. I usually buy drugstore mascara too. I feel bad having to throw out pricier mascara after a couple short months.

    Dang... I didn't know it gets really hot slightly north of SF. I always imagined it'd be cooler than the rest of Cali. I guess we're all pretty much affected by the heat then except SF. Hopefully it gets cooler soon. :)

  3. too bad it smudges!!! i hate when that happens, ruins all my hard work of applying my eyeshadows haha

    wahhhh you're only 20?? so young hehe i am jealous XD
    yeah i look way too young for my age, esp w/o makeup i look like 15 -_-! but my "neutral" face is rather mean i guess LOL no one ever comes to talk to me in class etc, which is good since i like to be left alone HAHA

    yayyy gl w the okonomiyaki!! it's really easy if u can get your hands on the flour mixture. hopefully u can get to a japanese market. you're lucky that you had your tutors to make it for u lol there's not even any japanese restaurants that make it around here so i gotta make my own!! take pix if u make it, i wanna see :D

  4. Great review Nancy...you eye look fab in all the pics!!!

  5. Is this the same product as the Bourjois Volumising Mascara, I have it and they look identical...or am i missing something?

  6. that green in the first photo is goooorgeous

    i hate smudgey flaky mascaras, yuck

    Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com

  7. great review! :) i don't think this is enough for my very sparse asian lashes hehe. >.<


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