Sunday, August 7, 2011

EOTD: Blogger's Obsession

The other day, I received a little black box. Yes! MAC indeed~~
I purchased all the four eyeshadows from the Blogger's Obsession collection. The lip glosses were pretty but I honestly don't use lip glosses that often, and I already have a couple.

Before I do a full review on these, I quickly want to show you an EOTD I did with three of the colors. I want to post this up as soon as possible just in case you guys want to purchase these.

So far, I really like all the shadows. I haven't purchased regular eyeshadows from MAC in a long time, but these were well worth it. They really should do more collections like this. These are really fantastic colors!
The only color I didn't use was Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle! but I looved that color! And after reading a lot of reviews of these eyeshadows, I think Sparkle Neely, Sparkle! and Parisians Skies didn't get enough love. 

Products Used:
~ELF Eyelid Primer
~Jealousy Wakes (I am giving one of these away HERE)
~Parisian Skies
~Hocus Pocus
~The Falsies mascara
~Dolly Wink liquid liner

How to Achieve this Look:
1.Apply an eyeshadow primer.
2.With a flat shader brush, apply Jealousy Wakes on the entire lid. Focus on the inner part of the lid.
3.Now, take a dense blending brush and apply Parisian Skies on the crease.
4.Using a fluffier blending brush, apply Hocus Pocus lightly on the outer V.
5.Using a smudging brush, apply Hocus Pocus on the lower lash line.
6.Blend in Hocus Pocus with Parisian Skies.
6.Apply mascara, eyeliner, ect.

More Picures...

Hocus Pocus has really pretty shimmer ^_^

Hope you enjoy~Expect a couple more EOTDs in the next couple of days!

*I will be posting a lot of posts within the next week because I have so many things to review @_@
Hopefully I am not overwhelming you!


  1. that's so beautiful dear! thumbs up!

  2. I just love this- you paired the colors together beautifully!

  3. I LOVE this, and I am sososo jealous of your lashes.

  4. @MissKatv: Thanks dear!

    @Steph: Thank you! I tried ti use the colors in a way that they wouldn't look weird!

    @PopBlush: Aw thanks girl!

    @JC: Really? I never thought my lashes were all that great. :D Thanks~

  5. pretty pretty pretty!! I love thesee!! I'm always scared to wear green e/s but this is beautiful :)

  6. @Charlene-ann: Thanks! I actually was the same, but I think you can town down the green with other colors ;)

  7. wow those shadows look outstanding!
    gorgeous look!!!

    <3 BB

  8. the green is definitely enchanting love it!

  9. Stunning EOTD! <3 I really like the blue/green/gray gradient. :D I was so tempted to get some of those Blogger Obsesh items but refrained... =[

  10. :O gorgeous colour! Crazy pretty ^^

  11. These shadows look freaking gorgeous together. (:

  12. oh waaw, what a beautiful eyemake..thanks for sharing ^^

  13. for fashion lovers:
    love your blog!
    please follow and comment! :)
    thanks! xx

  14. such an awesome look those colors are incredible nad look great together. i'm super excited for all of your upcoming reviews too!

  15. pretty stylish

    love it <3

    new follower
    i would love if you follow back

  16. I like you blog a lot and I gave you an award. If you go to my blog you'll find it there. :)

  17. i love the color combination! :) another very pretty EOTD doll! <3

  18. stunnnnning!!! this is one of my faves you've done lately :D i love the colors chosen


  19. you have a great blog, I have bookmarked it into my favorites as it has helped me alot in writing my literature review. I wil also recommend it to my friends.Thank you

  20. I love those combination of colours, and you are a blending QUEEN!


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