Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sanrio FOTD: My Melody and Kuromi

As the tittle of my blog might suggest, I love anything dark, gothic...and Star Wars related! But even a geeky, rocker girl has a soft spot for some girly things. And I must admit that I have a huge soft spot for cute things.

This look is inspired by the Japanese Sanrio characters, My Melody and Kuromi! They are my favorite Sanrio characters and I am totally obsessed with them~
Kuromi is the black one, and I feel she is the more typical me: dark, rock chic, but not completely evil. Kuromi's signature colors are usually black and purple, and sometimes pink.
My Melody is all cute and pink. I usually hate the color pink, but she is just too cute.Melody's signature colors are pink and red.

I wanted to keep this more "cute", so I went with purple for Kuromi and pink for My Melody.

*There are some really annoying mascara bits on my lid. Excusez moi!

Products Used: Eyes
~ELF Eyelid Primer
~Pixie Epoxy
~Lime Crime Twilight on the lid and lower lash line 
(If you don't have this you can use MAC Parfait Amour)
~Lime Crime Cupcake Thief on the crease and inner corner
(If you don;t have this you can use H.I.P 'Exciting Pigment')

*You might notice that I dyed my hair. It is like a really dark brown, even though I dyed it with L'oreal's Bright Black dye. @_@ *Confused* And I look...tanner? WTF?! I think it's because my hair is not completely black, and my ColorStay is slightly too dark for me.

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Products Used: Face & Lips
~Revlon ColorStay foundation in Buff
~ELF Pink Passion Blush
~MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick

I am thinking of doing a series of inspired looks from Sanrio Characters! What do you guys think? Let me know if there is a particular character you would like me to do ^_^

Enjoy, and thank you all for reading!


  1. you should deff do a series!
    i love the colors used, so pretty on you.

    <3 BB

  2. @BeautyBehaved: Thank you! I will definitely do the series!

  3. aaaaaaaah i looooooove purple shadows on brown eyes!!! soooo gorgeous dahhlingggg :))) and the lip color is the perfect cherry on top, LOVE THIS LOOK!!!!

  4. soooo cuteee! I love the purple shadow and your lip color!! :D so sweet, i think your hair will look really cute with natural wave XD

  5. I absolutely love this! Haha. Kuromi is so cute.

  6. love the colors and sanario. =]

  7. Love those lips!! I find that when I wear bright pink lips, I look tanner~ ^_^
    I love your new hair color hun, it looks great~!!

  8. i love purple!!! this is so pretty great look! have you gone to Yogurtland yet to go spazz at the Sanrio decorations they have thre? the spoons are so freakin cute & the cups too!

  9. @PopBlush: Thanks hun! My natural hair color is actually something similar to this, maybe just a touch lighter.
    @ShinyPrettyThings: Thank you~ No I haven't!! I don't have a Yogurtland where I live :(

  10. I love your hair color on you!
    I think you look gorgeous!
    Your eye makeup is so pretty <3

  11. the purple eyeshadow looks good on you dear!

    please do a series. :D there are so many cute sanrio characters and i'm sure you'll come up with amazing looks!

  12. I love it! Kuromi is so cute! I love its devil side! Do keroppi!


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