Monday, August 22, 2011

Julep Maven :D


As of today I start my Project 10 Pan, but that being said, I still have some hauls from before I decided to do this 10 pan. One of those things is my subscription to the Julep Maven program, which is very similar to the monthly Birchbox.

What is Julep's Maven?
Basically, it is a monthly subscription. For $19.99 a month, you get one box of goodies from Julep. I got my first month for half off by using the code FBMAVEN at checkout ^_~

What comes in the monthly subscription?
According to Julep, you get $40 or more worth of products in your monthly goodie box. Julep is a nail polish brand, so obviously you will get nail polishes and nail/hand care stuff.

Look at the first Julep Maven box:

Everything comes in a black box. Inside the black box there is a cute bag filled with awesomeness!
Goodie bag!

Blah Blah...lets get to the goodies!

Information on the products in the goodie bag~
 1) Glycolic Hand Scrub ($32) Holy Fudge! This is a full size product, and worth $32. This itself already makes this subscription a great deal!
Glycolic Hand Scrub ($32)

 2) Samples. Sample of the same Glycolic Hand Scrub and of an SPF Hand Cream.
3) Three full sized nail polishes. $14 each!!!
You get Emilie, Sienna, and the base coat. Wow, that is insane. Three full sized polishes!
*Emilie is a color than has not been released yet ;)

Total worth: $74
How much I paid: $10

Now that is some serious savings, specially because I loved everything I got.
~I needed a new top coat.
~Both the polishes look really pretty
~The scrub is an added plus!

I highly recommend that you guys check this out. If you don't like it, you can always cancel your subscription, risk free. Or you can also skip a months if you do not like the monthly products. I honestly think this is a much better monthly subscription than Birchbox! So far so good~ I will do posts every month on these. Hopefully they will be as awesome as this first one :D

Rating: 10/10
Recommend? So far, Heck Yes!


  1. Wow. That's awesome how you got $10 of $74 worth of stuff. Plus, most of them are full sizes too. :) I like the nail polish colors. The green one is especially gorgeous. :)

    Would be cool if you did a MAC lipstick/eyeshadow overview. I bet you have a great collection to look through. I really enjoy looking through people's collections. :)

  2. Those products look amazing! I love the concept of these beauty subscription boxes. For $10, that's an amazing deal!

  3. amazing savings! what a great program....gorgeous colors sent this month and that hand scrub sounds uber interesting!

    Vonnie of

  4. Oh my goodness! I'm definitely subscribing to this!

  5. Wow! This definitely better than Birchbox! Must check out!

  6. such an awesome program! emillie looks so pretty, i cant wait until you post nail swatches!

  7. awesome deal! those nail polishes look really nice. =)

  8. I will post swatches in the next couple of days :D I think you should all go check it out!


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