Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Julep 'Sienna'

Check out Julep 'Emilie' HERE
*It has been brought to my attention by VijiiS that this could possibly be a dupe for Chanel's Kaleidoscope polish~

This is the second polish that came in the first Julep Maven bag, and it is quite different from Emilie.
I love the bottle~ So cute~ The brush is really nice as well :D

Sienna is a metallic, sparkly gold with silver and taupe undertones. The Julep website says it is just gold, but I have to disagree. It definitely has some taupey/gold undertones, but it also looks a little silver.

Price and Availability
$14 on the Julep Website, or you can sign up for the Julep Maven program and get this plus some other fantastic products for $9.99.

Compared to Emilie, which is a creme, Sienna was a little thinner. Although the formula was thinner, it was still very pigmented. You can get away with one coat, but the only problem was that one coat, although opaque, was a little streaky (It was streaky because it is a metallic color). I applied two coats and that was absolutely perfect. This dried very quickly and it dried to a semi-matte finish. I would suggest applying a top coat to avoid getting a flat looking metallic.

One coat. See how streaky it is?

Two coats. Looks a lot better, right?

Up close and in natural lighting

In  natural light it looks more taupe/silver than gold.

I really like this color, specially because it is a very complex color. It is not just a solid gold or solid silver. It has color dimension that many other metallic polishes do not have. The formula is also great, minus the initial streaks. I initially thought it was going to be similar to Zoya's 'Jules' but it is actually very different. I have nothing like this in my collection, so I am very happy with it ^_^

Rating: 9/10  (minus points for the streaky first coat and because it dries to be a little flat)
Recommend? Yes. If you love metallics or golds and silvers, I highly recommend this~
Repurchase?  I love this color, and I like way more than my Zoya Jules polish. But I probably would not repurchase it, because there are so many other polishes to try out there. I hardly ever repurchase a nail polish either ways (I have only repurchased one color in my life time, and that is OPI Done out in Deco).


  1. stunning!! The color is so pretty and blink blink~
    too bad it dries to be a lil flat, but who cares, it looks so gorgeous anyway! :D

  2. it looks gorgeous! :) i would have to agree that it kind of looks has a taupe-y color with gold. hmmm... =)

  3. this is such a pretty colour! I love it :)

  4. This looks JUST like Kaleidoscope by Chanel!

  5. I love this shade in natural light~ So pretty!

  6. wow i love this shade!!! it's a true metallic. gorgeous =]

  7. this looks super pretty! i love how sparkly it is and how it a changes in different light!

  8. This color looks awesome. I'm loving the metallic inspired color on polishes nowadays. Thanks for this review and glad to know how it worked so well for you! - Mar
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  9. the color is mad gorgeous!! Unfortunately I can't find it in my country ):

  10. i love your blog¡¡¡ is very cool kisses from Mexico :)

  11. Wow, this color look so beautiful! *_*


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