Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MAC Collection: Neutral Pan Eyeshadows

Compared to many makeup bloggers, I don't own that many MAC pan eyeshadows. The ones I do own I purchased about a year ago. Since then, I haven't purchased any pan eyeshadows.
Why? Because I like the single shadows better. I like to have the freedom of taking one MAC shadow with me somewhere instead of an entire palette. But here are the Neutral MAC pan shadows I do own~
Enjoy ^_^

I distinguish my neutral palette because I have a sticker on Chococat on the front.
Chococat=brown=neutral color ;) And the sticker also has some ghetto tape over it, but whatever. It saves me a couple of seconds every time I use my MAC palettes!
Here are the shadows inside. Notice I took off the separator. I thought I was going to add more shadows to my collection...but I never did. Oh well. I don't really have a system of organizing my shadows, they just go wherever. Oh and ignore that lonely e/s in the corner. I was given that color and I just so happen to already have it, so it is a double.
Closer Look+ Swatches:


Crystal Avalanche (VP): Great color if you like very obvious inner corner highlighting.
Nylon (F): Nylon is great for inner corner highlighting and does not look as harsh as Crystal Avalanche.Very pigmented and smooth.
Rice Paper (F):Although Rice Paper is a frost, it is not as frosty as Nylon or Crystal Avalanche.
Out of all of these I like Rice Paper the best because it is softer and more wearable.Nylon is great for inner corner highlighting and does not look as harsh as Crystal Avalanche.

The Rest...

Satin Taupe (S?): One of my favorite taupe colors~ Very easy to wear, and nicely pigmented. This is one of the darker taupe colors that I own, compared to NARS Ashes to Ashes.

Amber Lights (F): Really fantastic color! It is hard to find a copper color like this that is very bright and has a lot of gold under tones. The formula is great: pigmented and very easy to work with.
Bronze (F): Medium toned bronze that is a great essential. It is not all that special, but it is very pigmented and smooth.
Woodwinked (VP): This is a lighter gold color with bronze undertones. It has a fantastic sheen that looks really great on the lids. The swatches make this look a little darker than it really is, because it is really slightly lighter.
Romp (F): Like the rest of the shadows, this one is also very pigmented and easy to work with. This is a darker bronzey-brown.
Tempting (L): Another bronze/gold with a great formula :)

Top 3 Colors I recommend:
1. Rice Paper
2.Satin Taupe
3.Amber Lights

My experience with MAC neutrals is a positive one. I think they have absolutely amazing neutral colors. I have tried some matte neutral e/s but I no longer have those since I either finished them and/or borrowed them from friends. All the neutrals I own have decent pigmentation, are smooth, and very easy to use and blend. If you are interested in any of the colors I showed,  I would suggest going to a MAC store and seeing the shadows for yourself. That is the best way to see how they work for your skin tone :)
Thanks for reading :D I will have my colorful palette posted up tonight ~


  1. How do you get the bottom segment of the MAC palette out that way? I want to do that to mine, but I'm scared to break it!

  2. Cute! I agree with your top 3 colors. I love them.

  3. Yami- I love your palette. I am going to pick up Romp this weekend :) I should do a post on my favorite neutral colors.

  4. such a nice neutral palette!
    love all the colors!

    <3 BB

  5. I love MAC's neutral colors! I own Amber Lights, Tempting, Romp, Bronze and I use them quite a lot. Well, with the exception of Amber Lights, it looks quite bright on me, but it's a very pretty color. :)

  6. I love Satin Taupe~ And all those golds and bronze shades are soooo pretty!

  7. I never thought you could take out the separator! That's a good idea :)
    Out of your collection I own: Satin Taupe, Amber Lights(I need to get a new one since it's taking up space with its one use left of product! lol) I had Bronze and Romp in singles and when I moved I lost them! :( I actually think some of my old friends stole 'em from me but that's a different story.
    Ahh I want Nylon so bad haha It's a perm dupe for one of my fav LE shadows so when I run out of that I'll be picking that one up.
    Thanks for sharing girl :)

  8. ive had satin taupe on my wishlist since forever..and now you got me wanting amber lights too!! they both swatch so nicely!
    great selection of neutral colours =)

  9. I think I have OCD when it comes to palettes, because I tried taking the separator off and I couldn't stand the way it looked so I put it back ;D I'm such a weirdo when it comes to organizing.

  10. i like all the colors on this palette because i actually wear neutrals most of the time. :) satin taupe is so gorgeous! <3


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