Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: Neo Dali Extra Violet Circle Lenses

Hello~ Nice to meet you! My name is 'Circle Lense Noob' here to share with you my experience with my second pair of circle lenses~♥

If you have followed by blog, you might remember my first circle lenses review of the Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown lenses. Honestly, I hardly wear them. They just feel so...unnatural on me. I feel that when I wear them, I can suck the soul out of any living creature.
Also, they are not as comfortable as I hoped.

Neo Dali Extra Violet are a different story though~

$29.50 per pair at

Comfort and Wearability (Is that even a word??)
I can wear these without discomfort, and they look much more natural in person than the Princess Mimi ones. Albeit, these look fake when photographed, but in person they look more wearable.
I can wear these for about 4-6 hrs without discomfort, but I would advise using eye drops either ways. I don't wear contacts for more that 4 hours normally, and I do not advise wearing circle lenses for an extended period of time.

I love the subtle violet color! If you know me, then you would know I love the color purple! ♥
And this is violet with a slight brown color on the outside. The violet is very subtle, and it does not look extremely fake.

Below, you can see the difference with and without the lens. Sorry for the messy makeup, but I was just about to remove my makeup and I decided to take a picture at the last minute. It's crazy how different it looks!
Oh my! I look crazy here. The things I do for you, my dear readers!

I was wearing the lenses in the picture below. It is hard to tell, but you can see that my eye/pupil looks a lot bigger than normal. Then again, my eyes are sooo dark. It's hard to see my pupil sometimes.

I actually really love these. It was hard for me to get the hang of circle lenses, but these are so comfy!~ I love the color as well. I have more difficulty applying and removing these compared to the Princess Mimi ones, but the comfort really makes up for it.

Rating: 9/10
Recommend? If you like the color, and you want something comfortable, then I totally recommend these!~

*These were sent to me for free from, although I did not have to review them. All opinions are my own.


  1. They look good on you! I might have to try those out :)

  2. Those contacts look really nice on you~ I love the eye makeup as well~
    AND your hair is sooo cute~~

  3. @Fi: Thanks :D
    @PopBLush: Thanks dear!

  4. They look cute on you! I love purple lens too!

  5. i love it!! im too chicken to try contacts since i dont wear glasses & am scared to sticking something in my eye lol i always wonder what i'll look like w circle lenses though >o<

  6. if i didnt wear contacts all the time i would totally get these.

  7. it looks very natural and pretty on your eyes doll! would love to try purple lenses as well. :)

  8. i really like the violet on you and could see myself rocking this look, but i need comfort in my contacts :-/

    um, and what the heck eyeshadow are you wearing??? WANT!!! it's stunning...the inner corner shimmery color, what issss it?? must know



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