Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sinful Colors 'Pink'


Sinful Colors 'Pink' is a new color that just came out recently. It is a matte, neon pink with red and orange undertones. In the bottle it looks like a standard highlighter pink, but once applied the orange tone really pops.

Price and Availability
$1.99 at drugstores. I purchased mine at Rite Aid. This will be in a limited edition display.

This is a matte, so it is best to apply a top coat for a shiny finish. I personally don't like matte polishes, but if you like them then you can leave it as is.
This was semi-sheer, and I needed 3 coats for full opacity. It wore very well though, and I have no chipping for the week that I wore it.
It was also slightly watery, but not too much.


The formula isn't the best, but the color is sooo cool. It changes tones depending on lighting, and it goes from a nean pink with orange undertones, to a more neon orange color. See also that by adding a top coat, it looks like a jelly~ Great bright color!

Rating: 7.5/10
Recommend? Maybe, if you like bright colors. If you don't, stay away from this! This is really bright!!


  1. such a pretty color...I shud definitely get this one :)

    Thanks for the review..

  2. ahhh this is such a bright and pretty color! <3

  3. Your nails are perfection im jealous

  4. @NarsCupcake: Thanks dear!I have to disagree! I still think they are uneven!

    @Red lips, black hair: Isn't it? I am giving one away in my current giveaway :D

  5. I have this polish, it is gorgeous. OMG your nails are so amazing!


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