Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Julep 'Emilie'

The other day I received my first Julep Maven package, and one of the colors included was Emilie.

Emilie is a medium-dark forest green cream.

Price and Availability
This color is not available yet, and the only way you can get it is by signing up for the Julep Maven monthly subscription. It will be available during the fall on the Julep website for $14.

I am going to keep this simple. The formula is freaking amazing! I used one coat, and TA-DAH! Full opaque coverage~ For one coat coverage, you would expect the polish to be somewhat thick, but this is really not that thick. It is actually very easy to apply. Smooth like butter and impeccable coverage. The polish is also extremely glossy! I didn't even apply a top coat. I am immensely impressed by Julep right now.

*I have one coat of the Julep Base Coat and one coat of Emilie
Sorry for the messy look. I had a glitter polish on before applying this, and the glitter did not want to come off.  I was also in a hurry! I might have to re swatch these later, but for now this will have to do.

This will be a great color for fall! And although it is not my favorite color, the formula is really amazing (can't say the same for my application...). I love the bottle as well; very chic! After trying so many nail polishes I have to say this is one of the best creme formulas I have ever used. I highly recommend you guys check out the Julep Maven subscription! You will be able to try out Julep polishes or much cheaper cause $14 per bottle is a little steep.

Rating 9.5/10 (This color is not so flattering on me)
Recommend? YES~
Repurchase? I would not repurchase this color, since I don't think it is the most flattering on my skin tone. But I would definitely buy another color if it had the same formula as this :D


  1. it looks very opaque although i'm not particularly fond of this shade. would love to see the other colors you got on your nails dear! :)

  2. Gorgeous! and I think the color looks great on you too :)

  3. The color looks so opaque, you really so good applying a nail polish :D

  4. This color is really pretty and I can see why it would be good for fall. I know what you mean, I actually don't think it would look that great on me but it's always nice to try new shades. Nice post



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