Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cult Nails'Captivated'

Hi hi ^_^

I am getting back to actually swatching the nail polishes I buy, and I wanted to start with this gorgeous polish from Cult Nails called 'Captivated'. 

Captivated is  jelly coral with tons of golden glitters. It really is a captivating color!
The formula is good but you have to be careful. It is a jelly, but it is quite thick. You can get an opaque color in two coats, just make sure to let the first coat dry completely before you put on the second one. I didn't wait and it resulted in some smearing and bare patches :(
Also, since this polish is thick and it has a lot of texture to it, applying a top coat is a must in order for it to look really good. 

Removal was not super easy since it has a lot of shimmer and glitter. It could have been a lot worse though! I think once you know how to apply this polish, there should not be any problems with the formula. Overall, I think it is a beeeeeautiful color and I am surprised it is so pigmented since it is a jelly!


  1. omg this is such a pretty color!!

  2. Gorgeous colour, I love the glitter!

  3. This is gorgeous! It is so bright and firey!

  4. They look pretty but I really hate glitter and shimmer nail polish. They are just so much harder to remove:(

  5. I love how this looks! So bright and glittery! Though I'm not a fan of removing glitter polish...


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