Thursday, August 23, 2012

NYC Sweet and Devilish Collection (Halloween 2012)

Greetings from the Dark Side~

Fall is my favorite season, especially because both my birthday (Oct. 25) and my favorite holiday (Halloween) are in this season! I also love the yearly Halloween collections from drugstore brands. I just spotted the NYC Halloween collection Sweet and Devilish and I picked up a couple of products. This is not a review; it is more of a haul/swatch post to show you what these look like. It is really a heads up, so that if you want something from this collection you have a basic idea of what the products look like. This is limited edition and I purchased all of these at Rite Aid (and I get a small discount because of the Wellness Card, woohoo!).


City Duet Shimmer Powder in 'Halo' ($4.99)
This is a sheer 2-in-1 powder. There is a gold-bronze shade and a white-gold shade for bronzing and highlighting. Both sides are shimmery.

City Duet Lipstick in 'Tempted' ($2.99)
This lipstick is really cool. It is a red and black duo lipstick. Both sides are quite pigmented with a sort of luster finish. It really reminds me of Harley Quinn (from Batman)!

Eyeshadow Duos ($2.99 each)

Eyeshadow Duet in 'Heavenly'
A shimmery white with a shimmery bronze-gold.

Eyeshadow Duet in 'Devilish'
A matte, sheer red with a pigmented, matte black.

Eyeliner Duets in 'Nightmare' (black and red) and 'Fairy Tale' (gold and white) ($1.99 each)
The eyeliners match the eyeshadow duos. 'Nightmare' has a very dark black with a blood red. 'Fairy Tale' has a shimmery, gilded gold with a pearly white. Both eyeliner duos have nice pigmentation (although I have zero idea about their wear). I am especially pleased with 'Nightmare'. The black is VERY black and the red eyeliner is quite unique to drugstore eyeliners.


*I don't have swatches of the shimmer powder. It was pretty sheer and I could hardly photograph it.
*Everything is swatched on my bare skin.

Overall I am really liking this collection. I love the concept of both duality and good versus evil. I am also very surprised by the quality of the products; NYC is really stepping up their game! This is the first NYC collection that I am very intrigued by, actually. If you like soft whites and golds, or bold blacks and reds, I recommend you check your local drugstore for this display~


  1. Oooh... everything looks so good!

  2. Wow! The quality of these products looks amazing. I do have one of the City Duet lipsticks and really like it. It is a neat product. I will have to check out this collection.

  3. the lipstick is awesome ;o

  4. I love NYC makeup and products!! Are really nice!! I love the lipstick!! <3
    My blog -> Marie loves heels

  5. Oh ugh, want! I'll have to be content with my LC Chinadoll palette for my red and black fix, though ;) I thought of Harley Quinn, too!

  6. looks interesting :)

  7. Oooh I WANT these!! The packaging and theme of these products is just so cool! :)

  8. That City Duet lipstick is freaking awesome! I need to get it. Wish it was out when I did my Harley Quinn look a few weeks back -___-


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