Thursday, August 9, 2012

Review: Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Total Care Shampoo and Conditioner

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share with you my experience using the Clear Total Care shampoo and conditioner. I first received a sample of this product in the Influester Summer Vox Box and I instantly fell in love with it! So stick around if you want to know a little about this new line of hair care products :)

Price and Availability

Although I first received this as a sample, I promptly ended up purchasing the full size at my local drugstore. This will range from $5-$6 per bottle. I think it is pretty inexpensive!

A Little About My Hair

Naturally, different products work different for everyone's hair. I am from a Hispanic descent and I have very thick, coarse hair. I have quite a lot of hair that is wavy/frizzy and it is for the most part very dry. My hair is color treated; I bleach and color a section of my hair purple. The rest of my hair is partly color treated (I dyed it black months ago), but I have given up on dying most of hair to keep its natural hair color. The area that is bleached is very dry too.
My biggest problem with my hair is that I get split ends very easily. No matter what I do, I can't seem to stop my ends from breaking. Not even cutting my hair would help. 1-2 weeks after cutting my hair, I would already have split ends. Enter this shampoo and conditioner...

This is my hair before using the shampoo. It had just been cut so it wasn't too bad. My hair was blown dry here.

The pictures below are more recent, after I started using the shampoo/conditioner. They are with my hair in its natural state (no heat applied).
 This one below is the most recent picture. I haven't had my hair cut in over a month, I haven't used any other hair products besides the Clear shampoo/conditioner. I straightened my hair, and I don't have many, if any, split ends.

I think as of recently my hair has been smoother, healthier, and more manageable!


Here is what I think overall of this shampoo/conditioner:
-easily available (most drugstore will carry it)
-Budget friendly ($5-6)
-They both have a really nice floral smell that is not too strong, yet lingers in your hair even after your hair dries.
-The shampoo is not drying at all, yet it leaves my hair feeling clean.
-The shampoo has a creamy consistency but it also lathers very nicely.
-The conditioner leaves my dry hair feeling really soft and moisturized!
-I have not had any split ends since using this!
-My scalp feels a lot more moisturized and I don't get those dry flakes on my scalp. 
-The line carries various different shampoo/conditioner options to best match your hair type. The Total Care duo is just one of them. 
-Their "stronger, more beautiful hair in just 7 days" claim seems to have held up with my hair. I noticed a different within the first week!

-I tend to stay away from hair products with Sulfates, and this is not sulfate-free.
-I am unsure if this is cruelty-free. It seems like they are, but I am not 100% sure. If you only use cruelty-free products, you might want to research that.

Even though this has sulfates in it, it is still one of the best shampoo/conditioners I have ever used. I have used so many different brands, high end and drugstore. Paul Mitchel, Bed Head, Organix, Redken...none of them have my hair feel this nice before!

Rating: 10/10

The Vox Box has totally changed my hair care routine~! I really recommend this line! If you are a drugstore hair care kind of girl like me, then seriously check this out.

*I received the sample from the Influenster Vox Box for consideration.


  1. I've been wanting to try this... need to find out the parent company. Your hair has been looking really lovely <3

    1. the parent company of clear scalp is Unilever.

  2. thanks for this review! I've been hearing so much good things about this new line and I've been wanting to try it!


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