Thursday, August 2, 2012

July Favorites 2012

Hello~! How are you all doing? I am sooooo happy it's August! I dislike the heat and I love autumn! But since July is already over, it is time to share my favorites for the month.

1. YSL Teint Resist Foundation #3 
I love this foundation! It is really amazing for the summer since it is both very lightweight and semi-matte. I have used it a lot since it has been freaking hot outside. It is super long wearing and it lasts all day. I heard this foundation has been discontinued T_T I am so sad!

2. Illamasqua 'Hollow' Cream Pigment
This is an amazing contour shade for pale skin people. It is cool-toned and it does not show up orange. It is actually very natural looking!

3. Prestige My Biggest Lashes
 This is my favorite mascara  at the moment, and it is really awesome~

 4.Fyrinnae 'Gilded Wings'
 One of my big obsessions is gold eyeshadow. This eyeshadow by Fyrinnae is freaking beautiful. It is very pigmented, it has a foiled look, and it is really stunning on the eyes.

5. Unbound Eden Cosmetics 'Frost Salts' and 'Cherry Frosting'
I recently purchased these eyeshadows and I LOVE them. I have used both of these shades a lot this past month. Frost Salts is a beautiful blue and Cherry Frosting is a very unique pink in my collection. They are very pigmented, smooth, and easy blendable.

6. Tokidoki Skeletrina Lip Balm Stain
I love this lip stain! It is so fun and bright, and it stays put on my lips for hours! I adore it! It is glossy and yet it is also a stain.

7. Jordana 'Lily Rose' Matte Lipstick
This is a beautiful purple-pink with a matte finish. Jordana lipsticks are really inexpensive but they are really great quality.

8.NYX 'Dolly Pink' Lip Pencil
I don't use lip pencils often but these are really great.  They are inexpensive and they do the job. Dolly Pink is a nice light pink; the perfect pretty pink for pink and purple-pink lipsticks.

9. Ardell Lashes
I've really been enjoying these lashes this month. They look beautiful and they are really easy to apply.

These were pretty much the products I used in the month of July. Have you tried any of these? What were your favorites?


  1. Gilded Wings looks beautiful! Great picks, Nancy. :D

  2. Gorgeous favourites! Gilded Wings looks stunning!

    Sharleena xx

  3. Just wanted to say, I think Jordana products are manufactured in the U.S.A., too :)

    1. Really? This is really the only Jordana product I have. I love it though!

  4. Illamasqua's Hollow looks fantastic !!

    xxx Vee

  5. I have a major crush on everything Tokidoki. I have a Tokidoki prisma gloss in Sandy, which is a translucent apple green and I love it so much I hardly ever use it because they are discontinued and I don't wanna run out! I *may* have to purchase that balm, though... :) And thanks for featuring some UEC! ;) I'm glad you like them!



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