Saturday, August 4, 2012

Review: Lime Crime Uniliners

Greetings from the Dark Side!
I am sure you can tell by the tittle that I have another Lime Crime review for you all today :D This time I have the Lime Crime Uniliners, a unique set of eyeliners that are made in eye-popping colors!

Price and Availability

 I have:
-Quill: a matte black
-Ochid-aceous: a vibrant lavender with a slight sheen
-Citreuse: a bright and matte yellow-green


Products in Action

I used Quill and Orchid-aceous for this look:

And I used Citreuse in this look:


These eyeliners are different than most. They are not pens. They are not felt-tip eyeliners. Instead they are small tubes with very thing brushes. The tubes are quite small, or at least smaller than I first expected. But I expect that they will last quite a long time since they are far more pigmented than most colored eyeliners. 
The brushes are both good and bad. They make it soooo very easy to apply these eyeliners. You don't have to be a master at applying eyeliner in order to use these. But, they also bring something bad: flyaway brush hairs. Two of my liners have brushes that have one or two little hairs sticking out from the rest of the hairs on the brush. This presents a risk of getting eyeliner on places you don't want it and it makes it more difficult to apply. 
The actual product is fantastic. They are all very pigmented, and even the sheerest (Citreuse) is almost fully opaque in one stroke. They dry matte for the most part too. The only problem I have in terms of formula is that Quill is a little thick. If you layer too much on, it might get lumpy and cakey. 
Citreuse and Orchid-aceous are both perfect though! Citreuse,the lime-green is so perfect. I am surprised that the formula was so great!
I really recommend Citreuse and Orchid-aceous. Quill is great, but I prefer my black eyeliners to have that shiny finish. And Quill is matte. It will be great for matte looks, but I think I will stick to my regular black eyeliner instead.
Since I really love Citreuse, I think that the other more unusual colors (white, baby blue, and orange) will be really awesome too!

Rating: 9/10

*Products shown were sent for consideration by the brand's PR. I was not paid for this review and all opinions were my own.


  1. gorgeous colors <3 Love the eye makeup!!!!

  2. Oh wow the colours are amazing, and they pop so much. ^^ They're really unique these liners!

  3. Awesome looks, such vibrant colours. :)

  4. Oooh! I do like the look of that yellow!
    Gorgeous eye make up as well, you are so creative!

    Sharleena xx

  5. Orchid-aceous is gorgeous!! <3

  6. I ordered the "every color" set even though I usually forget to wear eyeliner (fail?)

  7. These colours look gorgeous on you, I don't think I could pull them off at all. You always do the most prettiest eye makeup. xx

  8. These look awesome! I love the colors.

  9. These look so cool! I would really love to try Quill, since I normally like shiny eyeliners, too---& I'm curious to see how I feel about it being matte. But that sucks that it is a little clumpy!

  10. Hi Pretty girl,
    Loving this bright look and I'll have to look into their eyeliner.

  11. I love Quill!! I've been using it for more dramatic looks recently since I think it shows up more dramatic than my Japanese eyeliner pens. The only thing I don't like is that they don't dry so quickly, so I have to hold up my eyelid for a few minutes to make sure I don't get it everywhere LOL I would love to try the other colors but my makeup isn't so bright.

  12. I love how the bright royal blue one looks, might order it soon. :D

  13. I absolutely LOVE the look you did with Citreuse !!! I need this in my life =)

    xxx Vee


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