Monday, August 13, 2012

Jewelry Haul: Regal Rose and Claire's

Hey guys! I have something kind of rare: a jewelry haul!

I wanted to share this since I will be having a few jewelry reviews coming up soon! I also wanted to share a brand that I recently came across: Regal Rose. I heard of this brand on Youtube and I made my first purchase! I can gladly say that I am hooked! Their pieces, although a bit pricey for my taste, are stunning!

The first piece I purchased is the Lucine Crystal Skull Ring (18 pounds or about $28). It is unfortunately currently sold out, but I am sure it will be in stock soon enough. This ring is totally rocker chic. It is a chunky silver ring with a dark red crystal and several skulls surrounding the crystal. The crystal is very gothic red, and my camera could not capture its true beauty!

The second thing I purchased were the Petra Mini Aztec Triangle Earrings (10 pounds or about $15). They are reaaaally cute! They are kind of long, but they are quite subtle and dainty. I love them. My brother joked to me that I bought them because I'm Mexican, and thus have some Aztec/indigenous ancestry, and that was the reason why I got not true! They just happened to be Aztec inspired!

 I am not sure if you can see them very well, but I am wearing them in this photo below.

Then today, I went to Claire's and picked up two things. The first is this white skull bracelet. It was $6.
I also got these matching earrings. They have a rosary-inspired look. I am catholic and I've always liked the rosary-looking necklaces, so I really like this! These are pretty long! Much longer than the Regal Rose earrings! These were $10.50.

 So that was my short haul~ Hope you like the stuff I purchased :D

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  1. Gorgeous jewellery! Skulls are really in right now. xD

  2. Wooow! It's so nice!! I don't know why skulls are now trendy ._. but it's fine hahaha

  3. wow! such a gorgeous ring <3

  4. I LOVE those Aztec inspire earrings, good choice! :D


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