Saturday, July 9, 2011

Awesome Aussie Swap :)

Hello boys and girls (I guess mostly girls in this case)!

I just had my very first swap ever with the lovely Suzanne from Don't they know who I am?
If you haven't checked out her blog yet, please just go right now! Suzanne is an Aussie blogger, whom I ended up arranging a swap with. I sent her products that for the most part are only available here in the US, while she sent me products that are only available in Australia.
Swapping is such a great concept! You get to try new products as well as interact with fellow bloggers.
I noticed that I received her package so early! I guess the US post is slow to deliver to other countries! D:
Oh well.

Suzanne packaged this so beautifully; it was simply adorable. I would show you the box, but I was so excited that I just tore that thing apart. I am not patient when it comes to opening packages...hehehe.

Here is what Suzanna sent me:

I love your handwriting, Suzanne. Its so cute!

I started to use most of these products and I am really impressed with most of these! I am specially smitten with the blushes <3 as well as all the Australis products. From the products she sent me, I have gotten a really great impression of Australis and it seems like a really great brand. I will be doing a separate review for each product, so look forward to that :D

You can see Suzanne's post of her package HERE.


  1. Wow, awesome haul. Can't wait to see some swatches, hun.

  2. Looks like you got some great Aussie products! :D Looking forward to your upcoming looks/reviews! I recently found someone to do a swap with and I'm so excited!!

  3. baha, my handwriting is the result of lefthandedness/arthritis/horrible laziness. I like to think it's artistic :p

    can't wait to see the review of stuff!

  4. woww, so fun! And the package looks so nice :)

  5. Some of my daily staples in there, Lucas' Paw Paw & Lanolips are awesome. (:

  6. Great swap! Cant wait for your reviews and swatch of these items!

  7. review on the papaw ointment please. :3 i agree, swapping is great! x)


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