Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review: Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Hello Lovelies ♥ Hope you all are having a great week~ So I want to start doing more skin care posts, specially because I have been asked by some of you to do more skin care posts. So I will dedicate every Wednesday to skin care~ I hope you guys will enjoy these posts :D Give me your feedback on this idea please!

I just finished my first box of Biore Pore Strips. So its the perfect time to do a review on them!

Price and Availability
 $7.79 per box. I got it cheaper because there was a sale going on.
I purchased these at my local Rite Aid, but you can buy them at local drugstores or online.

Product Review
These are the only pore strips I have ever used, but I can say that they work very well. If you use one or two every week you should get great results. But keep in mind that these cleanse you pores, but it does not mean that it will get rid of visible pores. It does not tighten pores, so don't expect them too. What you could do if use these together with a pore cleansing/tightening mask. You will get even better results that way. YOu can also use a product that will help to minimize pores.
Another thing to keep in mind, is that you should use these constantly. If you stop using them, of course you will get congested pores again.
Also, know that these will help to clean your pores, but that you have to use this in harmony with your other skin care products. If your pores aren't clean, don't say that these didn't work for you. Maybe your moisturizer/cleanser/foundation/ect. is congesting your pores.

How I Use Them
What I have been doing is using Mario Badescu's Silver Powder as a mask on my nose. After 10 minutes, I rise it off and then use the pore strip. By using a mask that cleanses your pores, it helps all the gunk in your pores to come to the surface. Then when you use the nose strip, it will cleanse it out more effectively. This has worked very well for me. But now I ran out of the pore strips so I have to purchase more!

Here is what my last pore strip looked like:

Do you see how gross it looks? Yuck!

I highly recommend these. They work really well and over all they are not that expensive. I think I paid $5 for the 14 strips. I want to try the Boscia Pore Strips but I think I will still purchase another box of these. :D

Any other pore strip recommendations?


  1. i luv this product!!!!one of my fav~~~the only problem is that it is kinda pricey for nose strips....but other than that, it works amazing~~~


  2. I never try this brand before. I only tried a black one from Kose.

  3. I used to use these and then I stopped for no particular reason~!

  4. yay for skin care posts and products that work. :)i do like biore products. it's a shame that it's not locally available at my country. :(

  5. I tried these out before and they didn't do much for me (But I think it's because my blackheads have sunk deep into my pores...i dunno). Glad they worked out for you!

  6. haha You're awesome for showing us the used strip! I love these things.

  7. All small things are very important for a proper and great looking beauty.And all should be taken care off.

  8. Looking at the used pore strip is my favorite part. It's disgusting, but the little cones of gunk are so satisfying to see on the strip, because it means that they aren't in your face anymore LOL.

  9. They are great especially for the nose area. Sucks out all pesky the blackheads.


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