Monday, July 11, 2011

OPI 'Ogre-the-Top Blue'

Hi dolls! It has been a while since I did another post about my favorite nail polishes. This next one is from the OPI Shrek collection and it it my favorite blue creme polish. If you like bright colored polishes, this is a MUST HAVE!

Price and Availability:
$8.50, like all other OPI polishes. This was limited edition, but I am sure you can find online, evilBay, or sometimes stores that sell OPI might still have some in stock.

'Ogre-the-Top Blue'
Adorable name :)
This is a bright blue creme. The color is very vibrant and it just POPS~ ♥ If I could only have one blue nail polish, it would be this one. I even got one of my friends, who is not fond of makeup or nail polishes, totally obsessed with this color. Grant it, her favorite color is blue, but still. When she saw this color on my nails, she freaked out. I had to get her one and now she is running low and she is freaking out again! Ah, the irony; a woman who constantly bickered to me about my obsession with makeup is now afraid of finishing her precious nail polish.

One of the reasons this is my favorite blue is because it is a fantastic color AND it has an amazing formula. This is super pigmented, but it is not thick or guppy. Two coats give the perfect coverage and it dries really fast. One coat might be enough if your application is flawless. This does not chip easily on my nails, but then again, nothing really chips on my nails.


The loveliest blue creme, in my opinion~ I really want a backup of this, so I will be searching high and low! This is like a staple in my nail polish collection, and I must find a dupe or just buy like 2 or 3 of these. Hehe. Ah, I am crazy. You know how there is crazy cat ladies? Is there such a thing as a crazy nail polish/makeup lady? I will be that when I am older.  ^_^

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