Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sinful Colors 'Easy Going'

Yet another congratulations to Maryam Maquillage for winning the Sinful Colors giveaway!
Here is another quick NOTD using Sinful Colors 'Easy Going.' This is another polish from the Adventure Island collection. I was attracted to this color because it is such a pale pink, it is almost white. I don't have a pink this pale, so I was very intrigued.

Price and Availability
$1.99. This is a limited edition color, but I still see this color at Rite Aid, so if you are interested check your local drugstores.

'Easy Going'
Like I said above, this is a super light, white pink. Because it is so white, it makes my hand look a little tanner.

This has a very pigmented creme formula. One coat is almost enough, but it will be a little streaky so two coats would be best. More than two coats may be pushing it though. After I took these pictures, I added another coat and it looked really gross. 3 coats made it look like I had like 6 layers of polish on and it bubbled a little as well! Not pretty! I don't want my nails to look like they have some sort of disease! But anyhow, with this polish, less is more.

*Excuse my very dry cuticles. I have been in dire need of a cuticle cream! If you guys have any recommendations, I would really appreciate it :)

I am pretty happy with this polish. It is SUPER hard to find a very pigmented light pink. That is why this is a definite keeper ♥ That being said though, it is not the most flattering color for my skin tone. Personally I think this will be a perfect base for nail art (specially for drawing floral patters!)

Thanks again for reading!
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