Saturday, July 30, 2011

July Favorites 2011

Hii hii ;)

I didn't do a monthly favorite post last month and I have been scrambling to try out a bunch of different products, but I will show you guys what I have used the most. I am not sure whether you guys like these posts but let me know :) And also about my nerdy loves, since I haven't done a Geeky Favorite in like 2 or 3 months now.

1.Zoya Remove +
~This is the only nail polish remover I have been using, and it has been really great for my nails. This does not dry out my nails or cuticles and it actually has a pleasant smell. The bottle is also great since it has a convenient push dispenser.
2.Chanel Peridot varnish
~I am love with this polish! Great formula, great color, chic packaging, what else do I need? Although I haven't had it for long, I am really happy I bought this. I see myself wearing this a lot in the months to come.

3. Revlon ColorStay Foundation
~I have gone back to using this foundation this month and I can't believe I ever stopped using it! It a great coverage foundation that is easily sheered out by being mixed with a moisturizer. Love <3 I will say though, this color is too dark for me, even though I am at "maximum tan" capacity. I need to get a lighter shade.
4. Benefit Erase Paste
~Amazing concealer/corrector. Similar to the Bobbi Brown Corrector. I like to apply this under my foundation since it "corrects" discoloration. This is also great for under eye concealing.
5.ELF Eyelid Primer
~I have been using this the entire month!  A great primer that is also super cheap. I <333 this. I haven't even touched my UDPP.
ColorStay  /  Erase Paste  /  ELF primer

6.LUSH Sweet Lips Lip Scrub
~Best lip scrub I have ever used. Works amazing, smells frigging delicious, and not too gritty.
7.Rosebud Salve
~Love using this as a lip balm. It is really moisturizing but it can also be used for many other things. It is a multi tasking product. I have used this right after the Sweet Lips.
8.Illamasqua Underworld lipstick
~Just look at the color! Enough said. Oh and it fades sooo pretty on the lips!
Rosebud Salve  /  Underworld lipsticks  /  Sweet Lips scrub

9.MAC Creme Color Base 'Bat Black'
~This was from the Style Black collection. I have been using this soooo much this month, its crazy. It is not the best base ever, because it is very prone to creasing. But I love the color and  the way it looks. It has a very "wet" and "oily" look to it, and it makes a great base for punk or goth looks. 
10. MAC Mineralized eyeshadow 'Young Punk'
~This is also from the Style Black collection, and I have been using it alone or paring it with 'Bat Black'. This is my favorite MAC eyeshadow EVER. It is simply gorgeous! I am very sad that this was LE, and hopefully one day it will be re-promoted. Look at the shimmer!! Oohh~ Pretty :D

Bat Black  /  Young Punk  /  Young Punk over Bat Black


  1. Great favorites, hun! I want to try that nail polish remover

  2. Nice favorites! I love the rosebud aalve and the elf eyelid primer too!

  3. young punk is such a gorgeous color. i cant believe i missed out on that collection!

  4. I love Young Punk as well! =D

  5. Wow love this month's faves! need to get myself the Peridot and Young Punk looks awesome :)

  6. Good god those shadows are gorgeous

  7. Very nice! I LOVE the Rosebud balm, I use it all the time! :) I find that it's much better than the other Rosebud balms I have... this one is the most moisturizing :)

  8. I have heard good things about Erase Paste~ I shall try it one day~

  9. Awesome post, loved the swatches at the end, especially Young Punk over Bat Black :D

  10. i love erase paste too! wow, that eyeshadow is sooo beautiful!!

  11. i need to try the erase paste too and the eyeshadows look super lovely together! as always, you have picked up great favorites! :)

  12. Bat Black looks like greasy heaven, sigh. Love it

  13. Young Punk looks so pretty! Kinda reminds me of a shadow I have in my UD black palette. :)
    ELF Primer is amazing. I picked it because i saw your UD comparison post and I'm for sure loving it!
    Thanks for sharing, chica<3

  14. omg Young Punk looks sooo pretty!!! i really regret passing on it when I saw it. hoping they bring it back too!

  15. colorstay!! its sitting on my shopping list from so long but i wasn't able to find it. mac's young punk and rosebud salve looks lovely Btw love your blog :) I'm now your new follower,and would love if you follow back

  16. excellent choices! Young Punk is amazing. I didn't get to pick up the bat black from the Style Black collection. I must own that illamasqua ls ty for posting swatches!

  17. wow that mac eye shadow is so pretty!!! Just when I think I have way too much eye shadow already...I want to buy more >: D

  18. Ohh I love that little combo you made at the end with the MAC stuff. Gorgeous!

  19. Rosebud Salve + Lush, I love! Lush has been an obsession of mine fro quite some time. I really love "Honey I washed the kids"-classic

  20. Wow I just discovered your blog and love your July favourites.. so glad I came across it!!! Following you immediately. Hope you will like mine too


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