Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chanel 'Peridot'

As I promised, here is my new Chanel polish~ ♥

Chanel Peridot is a metallic gold that has a green duo-chrome. The duo-chrome is most visible in the bottle, but it is still visible on the nails.

Price and Availability
Retails for $25. You can purchase this at Chanel, any store that has a Chanel counter, but I purchased mine on

This is a very opaque color, which surprised me since most Chanel polishes I have tried are rather sheer. At first, this applied a little streaky like many other metallic polishes. But once it dried, there was hardly any streaks. One coat gives complete opacity, but two coats allows for the duo-chrome to be more visible. The application of this was incredibly easy! It was opaque, smooth, not streaky, AND is also dried quickly. I am so impressed with this polish!

You can see a little of the green duo chrome on the sides of my nails

Here, the polish changes to a chartreuse gold. 

The green color was hard to capture because of the lighting, but here you can see it is slightly more green.
I am really glad I decided to purchase this color. This is only my second Chanel polish and I am very happy with both.
This is a unique color, which I do not have a dupe for in my collection.
It is everything I look for in a nail polish: color, formula, and chic packaging.
Well I guess the price is not part of the bargain, but for a nail polish addict like myself, it was well worth it.

Rating: 4.5/5 (The price is the only negative part of this polish)
Recommend: Yes! For those who love polishes and for those who love Chanel~


  1. hooooly crap. I've never been even slightly tempted by chanel before, but this nailcolor feels like it was MADE for me. eep eep eeep

  2. I gotta say, you've got amazing taste in nail polishes!!! loooove this one!!!

  3. Totally want. Totally, totally want.

  4. @Suzanne: Lol, right? When I first saw this, I freaked out. Speacially cause it is LE!

    @Maryam M.: Thanks darling!

    @Vijii S: I felt the same way!

  5. What a sinful gold color! I LOVE it! :)

  6. Ahh I really want this. Your swatches are gorgeous. Can't resist anymore! lol

  7. holy shizzle, that is amazing!!!! its like you dipped your nails in liquid gold. ahhh i have to have this now ^o^

  8. I have been eyeing Chanel's nail polishes... actually, their entire cosmetic line really. What a stunning shade!

  9. Such an amazing color! I've never seen anything like it (:

  10. Oh my gosh.. It looks like pure gold with a green sheen. Stunning.

  11. OMG! i want this! >.< i might actually buy this because it looks so gorgeous! =)

  12. omg GORGEOUS color!! so beautiful gold color~
    too bad it's expensive >.<

    btw yami, I need some help, please Re-Follow my blog again dear, I've change my blog URL.
    really appreciated, thaankssss :)

  13. ya i can see the duo chrome of the green~~its a really nice colour...a little bold but in a very good way


  14. great blog!
    i love your hauls & makeup swatches(:

    <3 BB

  15. Beautiful, you really captured all the colors!

  16. Wow! I love that metallic gold color! I really should get some Chanel nail polish!

  17. I need to go get that now... it is amazeballs

  18. I'm glad to hear the application was nice! It's such a pretty shade with a gorgeous duochrome! I want it!!

  19. Another polish from your collection I would love to own. :)

  20. Lucky you!
    But I don't know if I'd be able to spend so much on a single bottle :^/
    I should ask it to Santa... ? :D


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