Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review and NOTD: Sally Hansen Salon Effects 'Kitty, Kitty'

Remember how I purchased this a long time ago?

I had not used it, until a couple of days ago. Tsk, tsk! Bad Nancy.
But I got off my lazy ass and finally put these on. Since I haven't done any product reviews lately, I thought this would be a perfect item to review :)

'Kitty, Kitty' is the leopard print polish strips. It has a nice metallic finish. It has a shimmery golden taupe as a background and black and gold spots. I absolutely love this design, specially the fact that is has an awesome metallic finish. In my opinion, I think these look so fantastic and chic on the nails. I wore these with a neutral, yet bronzed eye look, and a bold purple/pink lip. It was a great look for a night out. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures....bad Nancy.

Price and Availability
$8-10, depending on where you purchase them. You can find these at about any drugstore, Walmart, and Target. I find that their price is one of the biggest turn offs of this product. With the money you would spend on this, you can get one expensive polish, or a couple of more inexpensive polishes. Plus, the Salon Effect are only a one use product, so buying a nail polish that will last you a long time seems like a better deal.

Ugh...I hated applying these. It is honesty too much work. You peel off the sticker, apply it on your nail and then smooth it down. I had a problem with smoothing it down, because a lot of the time it would not be completely smooth. It was just a pain in the arse.

Do they REALLY last 10 days?
The box says the these last up to 10 days. I say BS! This started to chip of my nail the very next day. I am sure a part of these would last 10 days, but who wants a messed up manicure for 10 days? Not me. It was surprised to say the least. Nail polish hardly chips on my nails, and I could wear a $1 nail polish for a week without chipping. So for this to chip off my nails the very next day was a complete and utter turn off.

This was very easy. You can either just peel it off, or use polish remover to take them off.

Finally, here is what they look like on my nails:

As you can see, my application was not perfect at all. Specially around the tips. But it was just so frustrating to put these on.

Although I absolutely love the design, the price and the impractical application persuades me to never purchase these again. If the price was lower, I might purchase them, but at an average of $9, they are just too expensive.I hate giving bad reviews, but I just think this product is a little over hyped.
Rating 2/5
Do I Recommend? No
If you are patient and don't mind paying the price, then I recommend these.But for the average person, I do not recommend these at all.


  1. Thanks for reviewing these, although I'm really sorry they didn't work for you! I always see them and wonder how you use them, lol.

  2. I haven't tried the leopard print version, they were out of it for months in all the drugstores near me. I tried the flowers on the white background.

    They are not good for long nails. Me and my friend applied them, my nails are really short, and hers are long like yours.

    They lasted longer on my nails (5 days without chipping noticeably) but not 10 days. She started chipping also on day 2.

  3. I love the leopard look though for going out!

    I agree with you though--I think they are too expensive for how long they last. Maybe I'll try the leopard for a special occasion.

  4. ITA on the price thing. I bought some a couple months ago, and didn't check the price, I assumed they'd be like 6 dollars. When I went up to pay my total was like 11 bucks. I was thinking the SAME THING as you--I could just bought an OPI polish and reused it multiple times -_-
    They are pretty and fast to put on though since you don't have to wait to dry but meehh I'd rather purchase bottles for $9.

  5. @Steph: Thanks~

    @mybeadifullife: Yeah maybe that is why! I can see that they would chip easier on longer nails. Well that sucks!

    @Sofiamichelle: I would much rather buy an OPI polish too!

  6. The look great, and your honest feedback is appreciated.

  7. it looks pretty but if it will be that hard to apply then I guess I'll pass hihihi! :)


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