Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter Premiere FOTD

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great week and hopefully you all have had the chance to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2!

The premiere was crazy! There was so many people! The people who were in my theater were REAL fans! They were so quiet and attentive during the movie, yet they cheered and laughed at just the right moments. The movie was epic and I can't describe to you guys how sad I was afterwards. I have loved going to the HP premiers, and I cannot fathom the thought that I will never go to one again.

Did I mentioned I watched it in 3D? I actually enjoyed the movie in 3D, and I typically hate 3D movies. You guys NEED to see this movie, like seriously.

So onto my FOTD, which actually there is two of. At first I decided not to do my Gryffindor inspired look, because I was lazy. Instead I went for something darker, and very Bellatrix-y. I was also wearing the Bellatrix necklace, which I love.

I simply had a black smokey eye and some contouring on my cheeks.
I applied black eyeshadow on my lid and blended out the edges, then applied some black on my lower lash  line. I used my Chanel bronzer and contoured my cheeks. Bellatrix doesn't have too much makeup on so I wanted to keep it simple.

Then, I changed my mind and decided to do the Gryffindor look:

I did the gold and burgundy eyes with a red lip. For the eyes, see my Gryffindor EOTD. On my lips I had Kat Von D's Adora lipstick and NARS Scandal lipgloss.
My hair kept getting stuck on my lips and I kept messing up my lipstick!

Then I decided the red lips was too much for me, so I took it off. But it left a really nice stain on my lips.

 You can't tell in this picture, but my lips were very red, since the lipstick stained my lips. But I liked the end result.

Hope you guys enjoy this! I am so behind in doing reviews, and what not. But I will try to keep up :)

Also, I removed DISQUS from my blog, because I did not like it! So the comments left on my posts have dissapeared. Does anyone know if you can export comments from DISQUS onto Blogger?
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  1. I can't wait to watch Harry Potter!!

    That Kat Von D lipstick looks stunning on you.

  2. just clicked to the link to the close-up of the gryffindor look! i love it! it looks gorgeous, and really fun to wear to the premiere!

  3. Love your look! You are pretty :)

  4. So pretty! I didn't actually put on make eye makeup when I went to see the midnight premier, cos I was scared I was going to cry, haha. :)

  5. Omg that red lip color is so hot gurl! :)


  6. Love all your looks! But, I gotta admit that I love the Gryffindor one a little more. ^^

    Aw, you didn't like Disqus? I'm not sure how to import comments back onto blogger. =[ Sorry~

  7. Verrrrryyy nice!! Gah I can't wait to see it a third time! LOL! Your Bellatrix look is ace! <3

  8. @PopBlush: Thanks hun!

    @mybeadifullife: It was a lot of fun :D

    @Fernanda Occhioni: Thank you! I am very flattered!

    @Teli: Haha yes! Don't wear red that often ;)

    @Tiffyama: Aw, of course! Gryffindor FTW~

    @Pinupcherrymakeup: Nice! I am watching it for sure another time, and maybe a 3rd time. and thanks! I just need the hair, and her amazing cheekbones!

  9. you look really great! :) beautiful!

  10. love the red lips haha! too bad you didn't go with the red lippie. :)

    i think both looks looked great on you! ^__^

    but yeah, i think saying goodbye to HP movies is kind of sad.. :(

  11. I love the look and your lip color! Very lovely! =)

  12. you're such a PYT--pretty young thaaang!!!


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