Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Lipstick Compendium: MAC 'Purple Rite' and 'Flaunting it'

Salutations, friends!
What the heck is "The Lipstick Compendium" you ask? Well it is a new series I want to do :D I want to show you my inventory and collection of lipsticks (sometimes lipglosses as well). This way I can review lip products and also show you some lip swatches of them. Some items I will show are limited edition, and I apologize for that. But, many other people also have the same items as me. And who knows, LE items are often re-promoted or you can always find a similar color or a dupe.  :D

My first item on the list is MAC 'Purple Rite' lipstick. I know, this was limited edition :( But some of you out there might have this and this can show you how you could use it.I like to use this lipstick with MAC 'Flaunt it' Kissable Lip Color on top~

Purple Rite is a sheer red toned, purple with a slight gold sheen. It is a frost finish. I really like this lipstick because it is a purple color that is sheer enough to be very wearable. The gold sheen makes this very glam as well.

Flaunt It is a medium toned mauve liquid lipstick.It is really pigmented, smooth, and not sticky. These Kissable Lip colors were really great, and I really hope they re-promote them!

Purple Rite  / Flaunt It

See the nice golden sheen and shimmers? That is from the lipstick!
My inspiration for this look was moving from Summer to Fall trends. Fall lips are darker, and darker purples are often seen during the fall. For the upcoming Fall 2011 trends, one thing that has been seen on the runway is strong eyebrows, dark lips, but a very minimal eye. In fact, you will see many no eye makeup looks. I have very little mascara on on my eye lashes, and that is all I have on. I have a little bit of MAC Stark Naked blush as well ;)

I went from using Illamasqua 'Obey'(seperate post on this coming soon), which is a very opaque pinky coral...

A very dreamy coral~

...to the purple lip!~

You won't like me when I'm angry!~
I'm sorry I started off with LE lip products, but I promise you that I will be doing mostly permanent colors and also show both drugstore and high end products.
I hope you guys enjoyed this :) Give me some feedback below!
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  1. I agree with LauraJean. BTW, so jealous of those products. =]

  2. Woww.....the shades are so lovely and your lips look beautiful!! I want to try flaunt it!! :) :)


  3. @LaurJean396: Thanks~ *blsuhes*
    @VijiiS: Thanks hun! The lippie was my second MAC lipstick ever ;D
    @calicoaster: Thanks! I hope they re-promote it!

  4. I like this idea a lot! I've been looking around for new lip colors so I'll definitely be looking forward to these posts. :D

    I really like that purple! It's so flattering on you!! Ah yes, minimal eye make-up with a pop of color on the lips...I must try this. ^^

  5. Woah- that plum/mauve shade looks so nice on you~ The gloss is so pigmented.

  6. @Tiffyama: Thanks! Its great to get some feedback ^_^ I will do my best to posts about different brands/colors :D

    @PopBlush: Thanks hun! It is! One of the most pigmented lip glosses(If I could even call it a lip gloss) ever!

  7. you have luscious lips dear. :) love all the photos you posted haha! :3

  8. ohmyy, what a pretty shade, It looks so good and pigmented, not even like a lipgloss :D

  9. you have such fab lips! perfect....i like the gloss a lot



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