Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: KKCenterhk ES A188 Bottom Lashes

Hi Dollies!

I have something very cool to show you guys today. You might have seen these already, but I am very happy to show these to you. They are the new KKCenterhk ES bottom lashes~
I have tried bottom lashes before (Dolly Wink) , but I was particularly excited to try these out!

Price and Availability
$8.80 on the KKCenterhk site~

Product Review
~Thin, clear band
~The band is very flexible
~Very easy to cut up in smaller pieces
~Very easy to apply
~The band is unnoticeable when applied
~Great for cosplay/glam looks

~If you do not cut them up, the lashes are very unnatural looking
~I can't really wear them full size

I really enjoyed using these. When cut up in half, they are very wearable. You can make your eyes flirty or sexy by applying these on your lower lashes.
They look great with top falsies, since they really balance out top false eyelashes.
These bottom lashes are great for the wide awake look, or the very Japanese cute look.

EOTD (Crappy Pictures Galore)
My look is much less innocent than it is smoldering. I applied the bottom lashes in the middle of my lower lash line. For a dolly look, apply them at the outer corner.
Added this in cause it felt so artsy!

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Products Used
~Accent Lashes made by cutting up some of the KKCenterhk ES A500 Lashes
~A188 bottom lashes
~rest of EOTD will be mentioned in a separate post ^_~ (A review for the Autralis Intensify Eye palette)

Great quality lashes for an affordable price! These will last me forever! I used one lash for both of my eyes (I cut one lash in half and used one half for one eye and the other half for the other eye.Just adjusts the lengths accordingly). Dolly Wink bottom lashes are an alternative, but those are SUPER pricey for most people. I think these are much easier to apply than the Dolly Wink ones too!
Rating: 4/5 (You have to cut them, and a full band is rather unwearable)
Recommend? Definitely!!

*These were provided for review by KKCenterhk


  1. these make your eyes look incredible.

  2. I'm looking for nice natural looking bottom lashes. Going through a falsies phase. lol. These look pretty good!

  3. oh these look great on you! i have the same ones & figured out that i can only wear them in sections. i look like a doll when wearing the whole strip LOL

  4. These look fantastic! :) Makes me want to try some!

  5. They look ultra glamorous ♥
    New follower. Hope you follow back too:

  6. whooaa, it looks like my new lower lashes! :D
    I'm going to try it too, it looks soo cute on you XDD

  7. YES, I'm obsessed w these... got mine in the mail a few days ago and can't stop wearing them!!!

  8. Ooh, I love how these make your pretty eyes seem bigger and give them a... pop! <3

  9. i can never put on bottom lashes ahaha! i just keep failing. thanks for this review hun! they look very natural and pretty on you. ^-^


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