Saturday, July 23, 2011

YSL La Laque #137 'Utopian Turquoise'

Hi dolls!
I hope you all had a great week and are enjoying your weekend ^_~
My week has been extremely busy! I have finals next week for my first summer session. Then on August 1st, I start my second summer session T_T

Here is the YSL polish from my recent haul. This is a limited edition color, so if you like it, act fast!

Utopian Turquoise is a bright blue with teal undertones. It is turquoise, but I think it is more bright and slightly more teal than most turquoises. The color is similar to OPI 'Ogre-the-Top Blue', but not as blue and with a touch of teal. This is like a mix between Ogre-the-Top Blue and MAC's Morning After polish, which is a bright teal polish.
This comes in a chic glass bottle with a gold cap that is very typical for YSL. I ♥ the bottle!

Price and Availability
This is $20 and can be purchased at any YSL counter. I purchased mine on
This is limited edition.

This is a creme; a very creamy cream (lol). This is actually very pigmented, and one coat gives a really nice opacity. I say it is a creamy creme, because it is not thick or runny. It applies so evenly and smooth, it is ridiculous. I never imagined that the formula would be so great!! I was expecting a really sheer polish for some reason.

*My camera washed out the color of the polish. In real life, it looks a lot brighter and slightly more teal than in the pictures.
 Also, forgive the messy application. I was in a hurry to go watch Harry Potter again ;)

I am pleasantly surprised to find that this YSL polish was actually worth the money. It has beautiful packaging, great formula, and a gorgeous color. This is a one coat polish as well! I am very happy with this, and I will be keeping this and maybe looking to see if there are any other YSL polishes that peek my interest~
Rating 4/5 (The price is a little much)
Recommend? YES~

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  1. Woah- one coat is so pigmented!

  2. very pretty! :) If you know of any dupes let us know ;)

  3. Orly- Blue Collar, I believe my be the closest dupe.


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