Monday, July 25, 2011

History Of the Dark Sider

I have tons of pictures of myself when I was in high school and of my first two years in college. I was looking through them and I noticed how different my makeup has looked. I never really noticed that I started to change the way I did my makeup. And not only my makeup, but my style as well. I thought it would be fun to show you guys some profile pictures I have that will show you just what I mean.
This first picture was of when I was in 8th grade, and I didn't wear any makeup. I am with  a friend of mine, and no she is not related to me. People always thought she was my sister, but I do not have any sisters. :)
I am wearing no makeup and my hair normal!

Then, in 9th grade my style changed a lot.
I cut my hair short, and I dyed it black. At this stage, I started using mascara and lip glosses.
Then in 10th grade, I started to use blush
11th grade is when things start to get weird. I was really into rock music since I was  in elementary school, but this was the time when I wanted to dress how I wanted to. I "rebelled" slightly by dressing a little weird. I had really short hair here; the shortest I have ever had my hair. And makeup wise, I had started to wear eyeliner. This picture is so scary! It looks like I want to eat your soul.

Then my hair grew out a little, and I really liked to have pigtails in my hair. I was influenced a lot by Jrock fashion, and Japanese anime during this time. That explains the pigtails, and very Japanese-like poses. I am still wearing mostly eyeliner, but I started using a bit of eyshadow as well.

And course, black nail polish. During high school, I only wore black nail polish,but that is where my nail polish obsession began.

In 12th grade, I toned down my weirdness a little bit, and my makeup also looked a little more natural. This happened towards the end, possible because I wanted to be a little more "mature" for when I went to college.
Nightmare before Christmas shirt FTW!

As a freshmen in college, I changed a lot. Although at this point I started to use eyeshadows like crazy, I still did very natural looks.

Then I cut my hair again....I am actually contemplating cutting it like this again.But I'm not sure yet.
Of course, my weirdness isn't over yet. My hair is longer now than what it was in the picture above. Of course, once in a while a like to go back to my pigtails and anime-like appearance!

Hm. I wonder if I should cut my hair, or let it grow. What do you guys think?

It is crazy how much a person can change on the outside. I don't feel like my personality has changed though! I have always been a geeky rocker girl with a huge obsession with anything Japanese. I hope you guys liked this, and I enjoy telling you guys about myself a little. :D


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. Fun to watch the evolution of your style. =]

  2. Your hairstyles have changed throughout the years and I really like all of them!!

  3. You're so gorgeous!
    Long hair suits you a lot! Let it grow. :D

  4. ahh love seeing how you have changed! i remember what I wore back in HS and I feel like i dress so differently

    love from San Francisco,

  5. awww this is so cute! i love posts like this. i didn't think i changed too much but looking at old photos, i realized i did. lol i used to be obsessed w A&F and now i'd rather die than step into that store HAHA i didnt start using foundation till college too. i remember my makeup would take only 15 it takes like 45 LOL

  6. you tried a lot of different hairstyles and they all looked great but I prefer you having a long hair. :)

  7. Cuteeeeee post...I loved the way you've posted the pics in chronological order... Loved it!! <3 <3 And you look cutee!! :)



  8. i like you with long hair but short hair also looks very pretty on you. :)

  9. You are so cute! You look best in long hair:)

  10. Aw, you've matured into such a lovely lady. ^^

    I think you look great in short hair!! hehe.

  11. cuttteee evolution! I love when your hair is long~ XD

  12. may be you could cut it short


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