Friday, July 29, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute 'Rock n Romance' Nail Lacquer Set

Lately, my two makeup obsessions have been Illamasqua and Le Metier de Beaute. I barely started to get into Le Metier de Beaute because it is a pretty expensive brand. I currently only own three of their products, but I am very happy with them!!

As a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Le Metier de Beaute released a mini nail polish set. It is exclusive to Nordstrom only. I have an extra set that I will be giving away sometime soon ;)

Price and Availability
~$25.00 for 4 0.14 fl oz polishes.
It is available at select Nordstrom and on

Le Metier de Beaute 'Rock n Romance' Nail Lacquer Set includes 4 mini sized polishes. It includes:
~Chrome Passion, Heat of the Night, True Romance, and Midnight Rendevous

Chrome Passion
A semi-holo charcoal silver. Two coats. Formula was fantastic. Applied smoothly, dried fast. One coat actually looked pretty good. The only difference between one and two coats was that the base color looks lighter with one coat.
This reminds me of OPI 'My Private Jet', but a little brighter and has more variation in the holo shimmer. 
One coat.

2 coats

Closer look of the holo shimmer
Heart of the Night
A vampy, shimmering crimson. This one really amazed me. It applied opaque in one coat! And it retained most of the beautiful shimmer and a phenomenal scarlet glow. This is going to be such a great color for fall! This one is by far my favorite of the set.

Close up of the smexiness ;)
True Romance
A metallic champagne with bronze undertones that has multi-colored micro shimmer.
This was the sheerest polish of the bunch, but two coats still gave decent coverage. I am wearing three.
I thought the color was going to be boring, but it really was not! The subtle multi-colored shimmer makes this polish a funner alternative to a neutral color. It goes so well with this set, and it will also be a fantastic and chic color to wear in the fall. It is totally wearable, but still trendy.
One bad thing though: visible streaks.

Close up in natural light. See the shimmer? :D

Midnight Rendevous 
A navy blue with silver shimmer and multi-colored micro shimmer. This one is okay in one coat, but two coats was best for best opacity. I love the dimension of shimmer in this. It has like two different layers of shimmer: The more obvious silver shimmer, and the more subtle micro shimmer. The formula of this is also really fantastic . Although, I felt this one took slightly longer to dry than the rest.
In natural light, the silver shimmer is the most noticeable.

Close up. You can even see the multi colored shimmer a little here.
Under different lighting, you can see the muli-colored shimmer. There is purple, blue,  andgreen!
I am sooo glad I got this nail set. I really like all the colors, and I fell in love with Heart in the Night~ The bottle is small, but it still retains the quality and stylish look of the full size LMdB polishe bottles. The set has colors that are very complimentary to each other, and these will all be super great colors for fall.
I wish the nail polishes were a little bigger, since I am scared of finishing them off really fast.
And I wish that True Romance wasn't so streaky-looking. Other than that, this is by far the best nail polish set I have ever purchased.

Rating: 9.5/10
Do I Recommend? Yes. YEs. YES!!!
If you like these colors, I say act fast before they are gone.~

*Keep a look out for the giveaway! Once I reach 250 follower I will do a giveaway with 2 winners. The two main prizes include this polish set and a MAC Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow :D


  1. Stunning! The first one is my absolute fave. Such a unique and shimmery shade.

  2. True Romance is my favourite out of all of them. So gorgeous, it's too bad about the streakiness :(

  3. Ahhhh! I was contemplating on getting this when seeing all the anniversary items and thought it was such a great deal for $25 since the regular sized bottles aren't that much bigger...but I refrained. Love those colors though! So great for the upcoming fall. :]

  4. Oh my goodness, Heart of the Night is incredible! You have lovely nails, by the way. (:

  5. I love the looks of Chrome Passion~ Gorgeous!!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Midnight Rendevous. It's lovely and the color is gorgeous. Ack it's a little pricey though.

  7. OMG, SO PRETTY!!!!!! I love the Chrome PAssion! :D

  8. chrome passion and true romance...sigh....SO gorgeous!!!!!!


  9. woaaah those colors are incredible!!! want. need. now. (!!!)


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