Monday, July 11, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge 'Insouciant'

Ah Ji,  you did it again. This is the most beautiful dusty purple I have ever come across! Love, love, love it! This might be in my favorite polishes of all time, but I need to use it more to make sure ;)

Actually, why have I not blogged about this color before???? I bought this when the collection first came out! I am nuts to have waited this long! I am sure you have all seen this on tons of other blogs, but here are my two cents.

Price and Availability:
$18 at Rescue Beauty Lounge. Yes, they are rather pricey, but they are amazing polishes, and you NEED to own at least one.Unfortunately, this color is sold out :( But definitely check out the other colors.

Very odd name! But I like it, makes many people go look at a dictionary.
This is a grey based, dusty purple with a subtle array of blue and purple shimmers. The blue shimmers are the most prominent.

RBL is known for their amazing formula. And this did not disappoint! One coat is enough for a perfect coverage, but for the sake of taking photographs, I applied two. This is not thick, or runny. It is perfect! The only gripe I have is that I feel that it takes kind of long to dry for one coat.

Keeper ♥ Love the packaging, the color, the formula, the EVERYTHING! In a rating from 1-10 I would give this an OVER 9000!!

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