Sunday, September 4, 2011

Haul: Rescue Beauty Lounge Firebird Collection

About a month ago or so, I made a pre-order on the RBL Firebird Collection. I am so glad I did too since I am currently doing a Project 10 Pan (I am actually finished my first 10 Pan already and I am doing a second one. I will do a post on this soon). I purchased two colors:
Piu Mosso  /  Poco A Poco

-Piu Mosso (A navy blue with beautiful orange shimmer)
-Poco A Poco (A mauve-pink wit gorgeous golden shimmer)

Price and Availability
These retail $18 per bottle at Rescue Beauty Lounge. These are both part of the Limited Edition Firebird Collection which debuts sometime this September.

Now, look at the amazing shimmer in these!!!

Piu Mosso- See the amazing orange shimmer. It looks like the polish has an internal fire glowing on the inside!

Poco A Poco- This one also has an amazing complexity of shimmer~

I will try to have some swatches of these up by tonight. I hate that I got these two beauties at this moment. I had to cut my nails because two of my nails broke, and it was just the time to cut them. They are really short, so you will have to mind that when I swatch these T_T

I recommend you guys check out other swatches of these polishes as well. RBL polishes sell out really fast~


  1. I'm dying to try RBL out, I just haven't quite taken the plunge yet!

  2. wow those are gorgeous colors! never heard of this brand before. can't wait for swatches! and omg i hate it when my nails break, u have to cut all the other ones >.< or else you'll just look funny hahaha

  3. the colors seem so pretty! i think i've seen these nail polishes at the department store here too so i shall wait for review and swatches. :D

    don't worry about your nails. they will be back in shape soon too. my nails get broken sometimes too. :/

  4. SWATCHES PLZ!!!!!! hahaha
    They look hot.

  5. you are the queeeeen of nailpolishes!!! you've really inspired me to get more unusual colors :)) xoxox

  6. OKAY, OKAY, WHOA! These are gorgeousss!! Poco A Poco is perfection in a bottle! Swatches, please!:D


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