Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh, How I Missed Thee, Oh Mighty Zoya Remove +

My post tittle might seem a little melodramatic, but I really have to emphasize how amazing this stuff is.

I have included Zoya's Remove + in a monthly favorite post as well as in my update for my Project 10 Pan #1. I said I was not going to repurchase this because it was a little more expensive than is normal for nail polish remover, but after going back to regular drugstore nail polish remover I realized how fabulous Remove + really is.

Shall we begin with the many PROS of this product?

-It comes in a super convenient pump dispenser.
This allows you to get only the amount of product you need. There is no risk of accidentally dumping out about 1/3 of the bottle because you being too careless (This has happened to me vaaaarious times).
-The liquid is purple.
My favorite color is purple. Enough said.
-This actually has a somewhat pleasant smell.
Unlike most nail polish removers, this doesn't smell overly harsh. The smell reminds me of that really yummy zebra gum. Do you know what gum I am referring to? It came in a striped package, and the gum was also stripped. The gum wrapping has zebras that you could "tattoo" onto your tongue and the gum was really good, but the flavor only lasted like 10 seconds. Well it smells like that to me, only with a slight smell of nail polish remover.
-This removes nail polish so easily with hardly any effort. 
It even removes glitter fairly easy. I mean, I usually go through 2 or 3 remover drenched cotton pads to remove glitter polish, but with this I only use 1 cotton pad.
-Super gentle on the nails and the cuticles.
This is the most important of all. It does not make my nails brittle or weak, unlike many other removers.

I am not the only one who really loves this stuff. Many other beauty blogger adore this, including Christine from Temptalia. I really trust Christine's judgement because she is really picky and she can pick out the best of the best when it comes to beauty related products. If you use nail polish remover really often, then I really suggest you try this out. After using it once, I cannot go back to drugstore nail polish remover. It just simply does not compare at all. For $9.99, it is not super cheap but it is something I am willing to spend my money on because it really saves me time and effort when it comes to removing nail polish.


  1. I ALWAYS spill nail polish remover, it is the #1 reason I run out of it so fast! It's soaked into my couch, rug, and even ate the finish off one of my barstools T__T

    Also YES Fruit Stripes gum FTW!! I found a bikini that looked so much like that rainbow zebra print, and obviously I bought it and a pack of that gum ... too bad the flavor of the gum doesn't last as long as the awesomeness of my bikini, if that made any sense (I am a leedle bit drunk)!

  2. i think i need this because the nail polish remover because the one i'm using takes forever to remove the glitters of the nail polishes i have on. :/

  3. purple!!!! sounds like a good remover, i hear amazing things about it all of the time. If I hadn't just bought a lifesize ginormous bottle of remover from Sally's, i would get some.

  4. @eRiN: Haha I do it all the time too! Mhm, Fruit Stripes FTW!

    @sugar sugar: Yeah, I hate that! Glitters are so pretty but the are a pain to take off. It is so much easier with this stuff though~

    @socialitedreams: Ah well maybe next time :D


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