Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge 'Piu Mosso'

Hi lovelies~
Here is the second RBL polish from my most recent haul. ^_^

Piu Mosso ($18) is a dark navy polish with orange/copper and gold micro shimmer. The shimmer is almost unnoticeable in some lighting, and then in direct light it makes the polish look like outer space~ Full of sparkling stars *~*

 Price and Availability
$18 on the RBL website. This collection should be up sometime this month. I purchased mine during the pre-sale that is why I have mine earlier :D
Piu Mosso has a better formula than Poco A Poco. This is completely opaque in one coat! It is really amazing. Again though, I feel like this takes longer to try than most nail polishes. But besides the drying time, it is absolutely perfect! *NOTE: I wore this since Sunday night, and I went wild on my nails today. I cleaned and scrubbed floors like there was no tomorrow! I also only had one coat of Piu Mosso; no base coat or top coat, although I did use some cuticle oil before taking pictures. Notice that I did not get any chipping, only some tip wear.


Besides the price and drying time, this polish is absolutely perfect. The color will be stunning for fall and winter, and it is such a great alternative to plain black or any other dark colored polish. What makes this so unique and awesome if 1) the shimmer and 2)the amazing formulation. I am so completely happy I purchased this color from the collection~~~♥

Rating: 9.5/10
Recommend? You are crazy if you love dark polishes and don't get this @_@ So yes, I highly recommend it!
Repurchase? Unfortunately, this is limited edition T_T I hate buying back ups, but I do love this color a lot. What should I do???? I am experiencing a great dilemma!

So what do you gals think of this color? Yae or Nay? ^_~


  1. Definitely a yay. I love dark polishes and this color is absolutely stunning.

  2. This is definitely a YAY! Since this is a limited edition only, buy more for back up hahaha :)

  3. i was fully prepared to not like this color and instead it looks REALLY good on your nails

  4. What a lovely color!! The close of with the sparkles reminds me of a lost galaxy. Super pretty. :]

  5. Lovely colour, all your polishes are awesome. You have a great taste.

  6. Love it - New take on plain black gives it a little more kick than usual


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