Friday, September 9, 2011

Jill Stuart Gift + Haul

今日は!こんにちは!Konnichiwa~ Or however you would like to spell it :D (*Japanese midday greeting)

It only seems appropriate to greet you all in Japanese since the products I am about to show you come from Japan. If you have never heard of Jill Stuart cosmetics, then you are seriously missing out and one of the most beautiful and princess-like makeup in the world!

Jill Stuart cosmetics are extremely popular in Asia, and for some reason are not really available within the US. The only Jill Stuart boutique in the US in is New York, which is a real shame. I really think that Jill Stuart should open it's doors to more US cities! Because I can't get these products, I asked one of my previous Japanese tutors, and a good friend of mine, if she could send me a few Jill Stuart products. I was going to send her money so she could buy some products and send them to me, but she refused. She insisted she would buy me some things as a gift for the friendship I offered her while she was an exchange student here in the US. She told me to accept it, because she was going to send them either ways.

First thing she sent me was the one thing I really wanted, the Mix Compact Blush in 'Candy Orange'

I am soooo happy with this blush! The packing is incredibly cute, and this is a great color for a glowing, flushed cheek. Despite how crazy bright the colors are,this is actually very natural looking on the cheeks.

The second thing she sent me, and which honestly surprised me, was the Night Jewel Perfume.

This is a really expensive perfume, specially for the size. I am so speechless that she sent me this, and I am so grateful to  her. This smells like roses, and it is more of  night-time, seductive scent.

The third and final thing she sent me was the gorgeous Jill Stuart Hand Mirror.

This is the most beautiful hand mirror ever~ I love hand mirrors, and I am super happy with this one.

The next two items were purchased by me before I received this gift~

The first thing is one of the Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes in 102 Amazonite Dazzle.
I choose this quad because the colors seemed darker and more like something I would wear. I love these because they are actually very pigmented and super shimmery (I love shimmer!).

Lastly, I purchased a second Mix Compact Blush, this one is 'Little Boutique'.
I haven't used this yet, because I feel that it won't be very different from Candy Orange on my cheeks. I think I will do a giveaway for this ^_^

I will do separate reviews on each of these products and hopefully show you guys different websites where you can buy Jill Stuart online!


  1. Oh my! How luxe looking! Can't wait for the review!

  2. The packaging is soooo cute!!!

  3. Wow, I really like Jill Stuart. Love the cute packaging :)
    Btw, we have the same name ;)

  4. I always love the cute packaging of Jill Stuart! I can't wait for your swatch!

  5. I love JS princess packaging! I want that blush!!! I am SO joining if you do a giveaway! lol.

  6. Woww gorgeous stuff!! i really wish i could get some products from Jill Stuart!!

  7. Everything is so good.I LOVE their packaging! ♥ Looks straight out of a fairytale lol

    I want that perfume! When you plan to review them start with the perfume :D

  8. I've been so curious of JS products since the packaging is so pretty! Aw, that's so nice of your friend. :D Looking forward to your upcoming reviews~ ^^

  9. wow the packaging is extremly adoreable!
    those shadows look so pretty & shimmery to(:

    <3 BB

  10. I love the look of these products! I especially love the hand mirror, looks so... luxurious! Looking forward to the reviews!

  11. The hand held mirror looks elegantly. Is it made in China or Japan? Thanks.

  12. @Anonymous: It is very elegant! It is made in China, but you can find them in many Asian countries.


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