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Review: Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes Palette in 102 Amazonite Dazzle

今晩は!(Konbanwa is the evening greeting :D)
Japanese is such a tough language, and I am currently starting my third year at my Uni, and I have been learning Japanese since my freshmen year. I love the language though, as well as the culture, literature, and food of course ^_^ Pronunciation is not that hard for me because I speak Spanish and the pronunciation is very similar, which the exception of "h", "r", and "j" sounds. Anyways, I digress. The point is the Jill Stuart is an extremely popular brand in Japan, and of course I just had to "research" it in order to know more of the Japanese culture (that is my cover up excuse anyways ^_~ I am really just a makeup addict). I purchased Jill Stuart's Jewel Crystal Eyes palette in #102 Amazonite Dazzle.

Photo from makeupandlife.com. I accidentally erased my picture of the unused eyeshadow >_<" And this is such a lovely picture~ :D

*This is a limited edition palette that was exclusive to only certain parts of Asia.I purchased it from YESSTYLE, but it is no longer available on the website. I am have no idea where else you might be able to purchase it.

Product Review
For the most part, all the Jill Stuart palettes are very shimmery and soft-colored, so I would suggest you stay away from these if you don't like shimmery eye shadows. This one in particular caught my eye because it contained darker colors  than the typical JS palette. I wanted to try at least one palette so I went for this one.
This does not contain any matte shades, but it does contain one shade that is not shimmery. Instead it has a satin-like finish. This is extremely rare for JS because Japanese eyeshadows tend to be very shimmery. I guess Japanese women like the bright eyed look, which then can achieve with shimmery shadows.
The shadows look gritty, but they are very soft. 102 Amazonite Dazzle is also very pigmented on its own, which honestly surprised me as I was expecting the colors to be very sheer.
The combination of the four colors is a little odd, but I love how they look together. The palette includes a iridescent lilac/white, a sparkling olive green,a darker blue/grey toned green, and a brown with red and green undertones. Yes very unique colors! The last two are my favorite colors in the quad because they are very unique.
Everything is topped off with the gorgeous, princess-like packaging. The four shadows come enclosed in the famous Jill Stuart compact, with a mirror and a sponge tip applicator. This LE palette is a little different because it has printed pictures on the cover of the compact.

Any negative aspects?
One obvious negative aspect about this, and really any Jill Stuart product, is both the cost and the availability. Jill Stuart is extremely expensive and very hard to find outside of Asia. The US has ONE counter in the entire country. Ridiculous. The palettes sell for about $50-$60. Yup, my wallet just cried.
I was lucky that I chose a palette I ended up really loving, especially since I had to buy it online and I really had no idea what the colors would be like. Imagine if I had payed that much for a something I did not absolutely love?? It would have sucked.
Another thing would be that you can get some shimmer fall out. Because the colors are very shimmery, there is a chance of getting some shimmers under the eye area.
Also, if you don't know how to work with these types of shadows, you won't be able to get a good color pay off. The best method is to apply the shadows with a flat shader brush, and then pat the color on the lid (instead of swiping it on).
One swipe of the colors
Even the white color is pretty! See that gorgeous lilac shimmer it has?

  Swatches of the four colors.One swipe only without any kind of base or primer.

I really enjoy the colors because I personally love shimmer and sparkle. These are also darker and unique colors, which is completely my style! I am glad I was able to get my hands on this particular palette. That being said though, I don't know if I will purchase another JS palette. They are very expensive and I have yet to see another palette that catches my attention. Instead, I would like to try the Jill Stuart Eye Jelly in #9 and #10. I think I will save my money so I can try those out :D

Rating: 8/10 (-1 point for the price, -.5 for the fall out, -.5 for difficulty in finding)
Recommend? If you love shimmer, these are worth checking out.
Repurchase: It was LE so I cannot repurchase.

*FOTD coming up soon ;) Here is a teaser!


  1. Great review! I love Jill Stuart but have yet try their eyeshadow palette.

  2. OMG this is such a beautiful palette! been seeing this all over blogs XD i think it's worth the $ hehe despite our bleeding wallets, just looking at the palettes makes me happy LOL it looks beautiful on your eyes!

  3. きれいですね.
    I learnt japanese all throughout high school but I've pretty much forgotten most of it lol. Anyways I have this palette in number 02 and despite it being so shimmery I think they are great to work with. Can't wait for your EOTD!!

  4. @Riya~: Thank you :) I have yet to try many of their other products!

    @ShinyPrettyThings: It is worth it the money! It is pretty and it actually looks good on the eyes as well~

    @Stacey: そうなんだ? I can see why you would forget, it so easy to forget language. Over the summer I didn't study Kanji at all, and I forgot so many characters T_T
    Yes, they apply very nicely for being shimmery :D

  5. What a lovely palette! I've always been quite curious on Jill Stuart shadows just because their packaging is so lovely. BUT, I also thought they looked a bit too shimmery as well. From looking at your preview EOTD...I think I may be wrong!

  6. The packaging is elegant and classy, love all shades, but these shades are looking more beautiful on your eyes honey <3

  7. pretty pretty colors!

  8. I've never tried any of Jill Stuart's items, before. Oy, another brand for me to spend my money on!

  9. thanks for this review! :) i actually don't own any JS palettes but have always been quite curious about them. :)

  10. Sexy lady! :) Jill Stuart is something I love to oggle but I have never purchased any! <3 it on you!

    <3 LJ

  11. lovely palette...thanx for pretty swatches love ur eye makeup

  12. Such pretty colors! I love the packaging!
    I tried teaching myself japanese in high school and I also noticed that the pronunciation wasn't hard because it's similar to spanish. I forgot everything though T-T i only remember how to write Sushi.

  13. I wish they would offer Japanese here, I think it's such an interesting language! Great review, I'm looking forward your post on using this palette. ;)

  14. The colors are just gorgeous but the price is way over the top!

    You are awesome so I gave you The Classic Beauty Award! http://bit.ly/r7jz40


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