Sunday, December 2, 2012

Black Friday Haul: Lime Crime

Greetings from the Dark Side!

I am not a huge fan of Black Friday. I don't know about all of you, but it seems just like a huge hassle. I was glad that many companies have online deals for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and I took advantage of the great discounts to get some new things. Lime Crime had a 30% off sale for Black Friday and they had just released some new products as well (that were not on sale). I literally JUST got this in the mail about an hour ago, and I am just so exited to share this haul with all of you! If you want to see what I bought, stick around :)

1. Velvetine in 'Red Velvet'
This is a new range of velvet lip colors! They are long-lasting matte colors that seems perfect for holiday parties. I love the packaging! Very Christmas-y! As of right now there are only two shades, but maybe there will be more? I chose Red Velvet, the deeper red of the two. The color is very gorgeous!

 I quickly slapped this on my lips to see what it looked like, so excuse the poor application and the very bareness of my face. I am only wearing Red Velvet and a bit of a "foundation" that I will talk about in more detail later ;) As you can see, the color is quite opaque and matte. This applied very smoothly too! I can make a slight comparison to the NYX Matte Creams in application and texture, but unlike NYX this dries to a lip stain-like finish since after it dries it didn't budge or smear.

2. Zodiac Glitter in 'Virgo'
A whole range of glitters were just released and I was very curious about them. I didn't want to buy a whole bunch without knowing what they would be like so I chose one to try out. I chose 'Virgo' because it is more versatile than some of the other glitters. 'Virgo' is an opalescent white with a shift of purple.
I freaking LOVE the packaging so much! I think this is my favorite packaging from Lime Crime so far! They did a super amazing good job with the overall design of the jar and of the box :) This color reminds me of my best friend as well since her sign is Virgo~

3. Nail Polish in 'Milky Ways'
 I took advantage of the sale to get my very first Lime Crime nail polish. I really wanted to try at least one out and so I chose the white shade. I have been a little obsessed with white nail polish/eyeliners lately, so it was only appropriate to get this one :D

4. Uniliner in 'Lunar Sea'
As I said above, I have been obsessed with finding a perfect white eyeliner. I really like the Uniliners, so I thought, what the hell, I will just get this one too! I haven't tried it just yet, but I definitely have plans for this in my upcoming looks ;)

Plan to see a couple more Black Friday Hauls as well as posts using the above mentioned products! I have so many products to review and show, it is a little insane! I'll try to hurry the heck up and review all of these!

As always, thank you so much for being a part of the Dark Side :)
Join me again next time!


  1. I thought about getting that velvetine, it looks super pretty. I want to try LC products soon

  2. Nice hauls! :D I think Red Velvet looks gorgeous indeed, and the white eyeliner looks interesting! I'd love to see a look using the white eyeliner. :D

  3. Lime crime products always look so amazing, but for some reason I just kept holding off on buying any of their products...

  4. Nice, I really want to try there lipstciks

  5. I'm in love with lime crime! :) beautifull haul!

  6. That eyeliner looks really neat, a white liquid liner isn't in my current collection!

  7. oh wow everything is so pretty!! i love the packaging.
    definitely need to try their products soon. i was hoping i can get in for the Black Friday sale but the site wasnt working for me!

  8. What a fabulous haul! I have been lusting for a Lime Crime polish for a while. The lip stain is very pretty on you. I did my Black Friday shopping at llarowe this year.

  9. Thanks for slapping on that velvetine right away! I was hoping it was as good as it looked in the ads. It looks great on you, and you say it's nice and doesn't budge so it sounds like a winner (: Reds are hard enough to wear without them smearing all over your teeth and bleeding outside of the liplines (:

  10. Ooh! Red Velvet looks really good on you! :)

    I purchased a Velvetine in Suedeberry, which is a soft, faded red. It's kind of an unusual color for a lippie, and makes a great base for the Carousel Gloss in Candy Apple that I got as well. I wanted a Zodiac Glitter in my birth sign (Taurus), but the color is not something that I can wear. I also hauled a few polishes from Llarowe and various perfume and aromatherapy oils.

  11. great products! love it!

  12. Lime Crime is just killing it with packaging. I have serious Pokemon fever with their products XD

  13. That Velvetine looks perfect for me. B) Wondering how long it lasts?

    1. I can't really say yet. I am still testing it out, but be sure I will have a review for this sometime soon. I will say that it is definitely more long lasting than a normal red lipstick.


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