Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tutorial: Red Velvet and Icing

 Happy Holidays Dark Siders :)

It is so very close to Christmas and I just realized it! It is time to get out your glamorous outfit and put together a kickass holiday makeup look. I created this look using neutral eyeshadows, a pop of white on the eyes, and a glam matte red lip. To make this even more glam, I added a red crystal on the corner of the eye. You can wear this for Christmas or New Years, or for any event you choose. Hope you like it!

                                                                      Products Used                                                                    
-ELF Eyelid Primer
-Wet n Wild 'Vanity' Palette
-Chanel Illusion D'ombre eyeshadow 'Vision'
-Lime Crime 'Lunar Sea' Uniliner
-Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner 'Perversion'
-Prestige My Blackest Lashes

-Lioele Super Gold Snail BB Cream
-MAC 'Eversun' Blush
-Lime Crime 'Red Velvet' Velvetine (this is freaking awesome btw)


 1. Apply a matte light brown lightly on the crease with a blending brush.I used the light brown in the Wet n Wild 'Vanity' Palette.

2. With a pencil brush, apply a matte dark brown on the outer V. With the same blending brush you used on Step 1, blend the dark brown into the light brown. Blend it until you are satisfied. I used the dark brown in the WnW 'Vanity' Palette.

3. With a flat brush, apply a light shimmery gold color on the lid. I used the gold in the WnW 'Vanity' Palette.

4. Use a gold glitter, glitter liner or any form of gold sparkle you have and apply it over the light gold on the lid. I used Chanel Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadow in 'Vision'.

 5. Line the lower lash line with the dark brown. Add some of the gold on the inner corner too.

6. Eyeliner time! To give this look a twist, apply a white eyeliner on the lash line. If you don't own a white eyeliner, try using a white eyeshadow with a damp brush or even a red pr wine colored eyeliner.

 7. Redefine the lash line by adding a black liquid liner as close to the lash line as you can. My line ended up being super crooked! D:< Argg!

8. Apply mascara and false lashes if you wish.

9. Apply a red, gold, or white crystal on the outer corner the eye.

                                                                              Finished Look                                                            


  1. gorgeous look, that lip is AMAZING! x

  2. This is gorgeous nancy! I'm totally craving a red velvet cupcake now :D

  3. Love the white eyeliner, it looks great on your eyes, and that velvetine is awesome! ;)

  4. Your lipstick looks so sharp and clean! Gorgeous look ;)

  5. Very pretty Nancy! You look lovely in that red lipstick.

  6. What a creative look. Nancy you always come up with the cleverest ideas! Velvetine is so cool, I love it every time you wear it, I think it's a must-have, so I'm not sure how long I can resist buying it (:

  7. I think I'll be doing something similar for christmas :)The white liner and little gem are nice touches!


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